ELECTION IN THE HOUSE: House of Representatives will determine new President today

Today is the day. Today is the election of the third President of the Republic of Panem- for sure, this time. However, the citizens will be unable to help in this election, as the House of Representatives will vote on who will become our next President. Vice President Oswald, the Liberty nominee, and Secretary Rick Canth, the Conservative nominee, are all but assured to be the two candidates considered, with Governor Steinbeck, an independent, posing as a possible spoiler. Governor Ren and Secretary Paylor have chosen not to contest the election in the House. Governor Ren threw her support behind Secretary Canth earlier today, while Secretary Paylor threw her support to Vice President Oswald.

In a press release by the Speaker of the House, Constantin Richelieu (Liberty-D14), the Speaker said the following:

“Today is not a day of parties or political divides. Today is a day to choose the best choice for the presidency. As such, I have instructed the members of the House of Representatives to consider past party lines in order to choose the best choice for Panem. It is important that we ignore our difference and choose who will be the best leader for the nation of Panem.”

At this time, there is no indication of how votes may swing.

UPDATE: The Civic representatives have followed Secretary Paylor’s endorsement of Vice President Oswald, giving the Vice President 22 votes out of 156 representatives. The Labor representatives have done the same- following Governor Ren’s endorsement of Secretary Canth, they will give 28 votes to the Secretary out of a possible 156.

Online Graphing

UPDATE 2:  We can now declare that the five Conservative members have all declared their votes for Rick Canth, the Conservative nominee. The sole independent has declared their support for Vice President Oswald.

Online Graphing

UPDATE 3: It is reported that the Liberty representatives will indeed vote without a party line and have cast their votes. Of the 100 Liberty members of the House of Representatives, it is reported that Celine Oswald has received 54 votes while Secretary Canth has received 46.

Online Graphing

Secretary of the Interior and Conservative Party nominee Richard “Rick” Canth has been elected the third President of the Republic of Panem by the Panem House of Representatives, defeating Vice President Celine Oswald, the Liberty nominee. This is the first time that an opposition party has taken the nation’s highest office.

President-elect Canth (Conservative-D7) will serve alongside Vice President-elect Wilson (Liberty-D4), forming the first bipartisan administration. It’s highly unlikely that this is the final presidential election for Celine Oswald- after all, she came within one vote of seizing the presidency this year. Expect to see her again.

A bigger question has to do with the definition of opposition party. Is the Conservative Party still an opposition party, or is it the majority now as it holds the presidency? Is Liberty an opposition party now, or is it not, as it holds the Vice Presidency and Congress? Will Liberty and the Conservatives form a joint majority government, as it appears they will? Will Labor and Civic fade away, or will they pursue a more active plan to regain the ground they have lost? All these questions will be answered over time. For now, we have no answers.

UPDATE 4: Vice President Celine Oswald conceded the election to President-elect Rick Canth, saying:

“People of Panem, it is a great honor to have spent over a year bringing my message, hopes, and dreams to you on the campaign trail. It’s been a pleasure to meet with you, to dine with you, and to hear your concerns. I thank you for this wonderful opportunity that I have been presented, and it is clear that Panem has made its choice. To my supporters, do understand that by no means is this a loss. Yes, I was defeated. That does not mean that Panem has lost. President-elect Canth will serve well in his new office, as I have told him over the phone moments ago. No, we have won. We have elected a new President, ready to take on the tasks at hand.”

Secretary Rick Canth, now President-elect, gave his victory speech.

“It is to my understanding that history has been made tonight. Panem, I thank you for your support, and I promise that the next four years will not be a regret in your mind. The Vice President called me moments ago, congratulating me on my victory, and I thanked her for her campaign and for her service. As she said, this is indeed a victory for Panem. For the first time, Panem has elected a president from a party that is not the Liberty Party. By no means has the Liberty Party done Panem wrong, but it is time for a change in the Capitol, and this change has come!”

Vice President-elect Dale Wilson issued the following statement:

“Congratulations to President-elect Rick Canth on his win. I am looking forward to the tradition of bipartisanship being upheld in our government.”


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