First post-conventions polling published

After five high-profile conventions have been held throughout Panem, Panem Free Press has polled citizens to determine the political playing ground from here on out.

The following questions were asked:

  • If the presidential election were held today, who would you vote for: Celine Oswald (Liberty), Felicia Ren (Labor), Cecelia Paylor (Civic), Rick Canth (Conservative), Elizabeth Steinbeck (Independent), or undecided?
  • Which party do you align with: Liberty, Labor, Civic, Conservative, or independent?
  • If the vice presidential election were held today, who would you vote for: Dale Wilson (Liberty), Walter Delta (Labor), Cecelia Paylor (Civic), Rick Canth (Conservative), Elizabeth Steinbeck (Independent), or undecided?


Celine Oswald (Liberty): 29 percent

Rick Canth (Conservative): 29 percent

Felicia Ren (Labor): 17 percent

Cecelia Paylor (Civic): 15 percent

Elizabeth Steinbeck (Independent): 10 percent

The results show a clear turnaround in this race: Governor Ren, Labor nominee was leading at one point in this race, and not only has she dropped to third, she also has definitively cemented herself in the second tier. Meanwhile, former President Paylor is once again flopping in the polls in her third consecutive campaign. Then there’s Governor Steinbeck- at first perceived to be a wild card factor in the race, now she is simply a non-issue.


Liberty: 34 percent

Conservative: 22 percent

Labor: 16 percent

Civic: 12 percent

Independents: 16 percent

Out of this polling, we can determine that Vice President Oswald is underperforming, and Secretary Canth is managing to pick up those that are leaving Liberty. However, the 16% that are independent voters are still up for grabs.


Dale Wilson: 35 percent

Kurtis Pierce: 28 percent

Samuel Trenton: 14 percent

Sextimus Dalton: 12 percent

Walter Delta: 11 percent

This is great for Governor Wilson. Even as the presidential race tightens, Wilson is holding a seven-point lead over businessman Kurtis Pierce, his closest rival. Though dynamics could change between Wilson and Pierce, it seems pretty dismal for Secretary Trenton, former Rep. Dalton, and Governor Delta. All three are under 20 percent, effectively neutering their campaigns.


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