Future of Capitol finally discussed amongst government

Though the Capitol itself has been mostly reconstructed since its devastating earthquake, its future has been a rather controversial topic among the members of the national government that used to dominate it. And finally, after much silence on the issue, talks have resumed over what exactly to do now.

Luckily for The Panem Free Press, there was a source available for comment (of which shall remain anonymous) and we now have reliable information on what is being discussed at the interim Capitol in District 4.

Allegedly, the President and her Cabinet have laid out the following options to Congress:

  • A return by the entire federal government to the original Capitol: An idea that would not be completely out of the question. After all, the federal government was based out of this area for hundreds of years, so why not once again? A con: earthquakes happen, and when they happen that violently, there’s always a chance of a more activated fault line.
  • Make permanent the move by the entire federal government to District 4, therefore making it the new capital of Panem: This could be the easiest option. However, there’s the fact that District 4 itself is not immune to natural disasters, and that D4 was also invaded more than once during wartime.
  • Split the housing of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government into three separate places: An option that is used by the nation of South Africa. This could prevent a total loss of government akin to that after the Capitol earthquake, and could help during invasion. However, this would require much traveling by members of the government.
  • Completely move the government to another place that isn’t the Capitol/D3 area or District 4: A bold option, but one that could keep the government safe while keeping distance close. A good choice for this option could be either District 7 or 13 due to their lack of natural disasters (sans the occasional blizzard) and the fact those wishing to invade would have to land elsewhere before proceeding to the seat of government.

According to our source, the President set a deadline of two weeks on a proposal, which is a rather short time for a piece of legislation.

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