Conservatives bring all they have at convention; Canth, Pierce, and Sutherland prove their worth

In a lively convention (and their first, at that), the Conservative Party proved to every political force and analyst that they are not a “push-over party,” as some have said. The convention was apparently just as exciting as the Liberty Party’s, according to some. And even though some analysts had predicted that Secretary Rick Canth would be the subject of controversy at this convention regarding his switch from the Labor Party to his new Conservative Party, which is a big jump based on the positions the two parties stake.

Though the Conservatives were not as powerful in the upper levels of government like the Liberty Party, this didn’t mean that there was a lack of speeches. And the Conservatives proved here that they are up and coming- the majority of speeches were so good that analysts were stunned, and one even went as far as to say that “every speech there was a keynote…every last one of them. I’d say that everyone of those people is going to be a part of Panem’s history sooner or later.”

Representative Lynn Germaine (C-D4) and Representative Jack Oliver (C-D11) were just two of the five Conservative representatives that delivered their speeches, but it clearly set forth that these two will be leading the Conservatives in the House in the near future. Likewise, many mayors delivered addresses, but only Mayor Delia Sutherland had the distinction of giving the true keynote address. Mayor Sutherland is currently the mayor of District 14’s capital, Lille, and governs the largest metropolitan area in Panem.

“Though I commend the President and Vice President for their service, and though we do agree on certain issues, it’s time for another party to have a shot. It’s time for a little change, and the Conservatives are the best answer to that argument for change. Secretary Canth was nearly president last election- and he’s certainly more ready for the job now than ever.” — Mayor Delia Sutherland (Conservative-District 14)

Sutherland made waves with her speech, as most keynote speakers do. However, it made it clear that should Secretary Canth not win, Sutherland is someone to look at in the future.

Businessman Kurtis Pierce ascended swiftly to the stage, surrounded by supporters. For a man with very little formal political experience, he had the air of a national contender.

“Mr. Chairman, delegates of the Conservative National Committee, it’s certainly a pleasure to be here in District 1 today. I, without prerequisite, accept the Conservative Party nomination for Vice President!

…It’s time for the Conservatives to step up. Now, you may be thinking that “we’ve already done that,” and you’d be wrong. I mean that we need to understand that our message is strong and that we are not just a party that Liberty and Labor can just push aside. It’s time to end this system, and it’s time to change our leadership.” — Kurtis Pierce, Conservative Party vice presidential nominee

Pierce echoed the sentiment that no one party should be in charge in Panem, and that clearly hit the crowd very well, with cheers erupting after his speech concluded.

Rick Canth, former District 7 Senator and current and inaugural holder of the office of Secretary of the Interior, stood at that podium the next night to what could be called higher fervor than that of Vice President Oswald’s speech.

“Mr. Chairman, delegates, District 1 has treated us well, has it not? I hereby accept the Conservative Party’s nomination for President of Panem!

…has it ever occurred to anyone here that a mayoralty may be nice, but a governorship may be better? Or how about the Presidency? I say that it’s time for a Conservative uprising- not one of violence, but one at the ballot box!”

Canth’s speech was greeted by rapturous applause.

It may very well be that Secretary Canth could poll even better than last time- which proves a definite threat for the Vice President. Should Canth secure enough Electoral Votes, he could push the election to the House of Representatives, and there’s no telling where it goes from there.



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