BREAKING: Presidential motorcade attacked; suspicious package found at Gov. Wilson’s home

BREAKING: Panem Free Press has just been informed that there has been an attack on the presidential motorcade in District 4. It appears the target was either President Katniss Everdeen or Vice President Celine Oswald, who is the Liberty Party nominee for president this election.

Also, in a possibly linked incident, a suspicious package was left at the governor’s mansion this morning in District 4. The authorities have evacuated the home and moved Governor Dale Wilson to safety. Governor Wilson is the vice presidential nominee for the Liberty Party.

UPDATE: We can now issue updates on the incidents in District 4.

In the attack on the presidential motorcade, both the President and Vice President are uninjured. Governor Amy Oaksmith received minor injuries from a blow to the head in the vehicle and is expected to recover quickly. It appears that this attack was caused by an improvised explosive device placed in the path of the motorcade. Fortunately, the explosive failed to detonate until the vehicle was almost clear of the device, allowing for minimal damage. It is unknown who placed the device in the path of the motorcade.

At the Governor’s mansion, we can confirm that the package found has been moved to a safe location and has been determined to be an explosive device. It appears that Governor Wilson was the near victim of an assassination attempt.

UPDATE 2: President Everdeen and Vice President Oswald appeared at the District 4 Capitol with Governor Wilson to address the events of today.

“These devices were placed in such a way as to harm me, the Vice President, and the Governor. These devices were explosive and were very dangerous. We all are very blessed that no deaths occurred. However, there are two things that are certain: first, these explosives were clearly meant to assassinate four elected officials. Second, it’s clear that it was a form of election violence, something that Panem has not seen since the era of Snow’s authoritarianism. We will find the culprits of these acts, as we cannot afford to condone such things.” — President Katniss Everdeen (Liberty-D12)

Governor Ren, Governor Steinbeck, Secretary Canth, and Secretary Paylor all condemned the attacks later in the day. Increased security around President Everdeen, all presidential candidates, all vice presidential candidates, all Governors, and all Cabinet members has been announced in response to the incidents.


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