Liberty National Convention hits on liberty, resiliency; Oswald, Wilson, and Oaksmith amaze

The Liberty National Convention is staged only once every four years, and yet it continues to remain in the eyes of political pundits and circles for years afterward. The second LNC was filled to the brim with excitement, and though many had hoped a year ago that President Katniss Everdeen would accept her third nomination for the Liberty Party’s presidential nomination, Vice President Celine Oswald was cheered by the crowd with just as much fervor.

The convention overflowed with powerful speeches. Though Liberty currently holds the Presidency, a Senate supermajority, and a House supermajority, it was a record showing for the Liberty governors and other district officials. Every single Liberty Party governor- yes, all ten governors- delivered a speech. Many lieutenant governors even spoke. It was a clear show of solidarity for both the district and federal Liberty officials.

However, Vice President Oswald, as such, had quite the decision to make on who would give the keynote address. Ultimately, the Vice President gave the address to her former opponent, District 7 Governor Amy Oaksmith. In the Liberty presidential primaries, Governor Oaksmith tied in the delegate count with Vice President Oswald with exactly 750 delegates, leaving both of them exactly one delegate short of the Liberty presidential nomination. Ultimately, the Vice President won the nomination in a nationwide runoff.

And it’s quite clear that Governor Oaksmith is not someone to push aside for the future. Hitting on the successes of the two-term Everdeen administration while picking apart the opposition’s “fixes” for Panem’s problems, her speech caused the audience to roar when she finished. One quote made quite the impact: “The opposition doesn’t seem to understand. You don’t fix something that doesn’t need fixing. For once in the history of the great nation of Panem, we finally DON’T need fixing!”

Other key speeches that were major hits included the following:

  • House Majority Leader Miranda O’Neal: “Panem is great, and Panem is a leader. It’s time to keep it that way.”
  • First Gentleman Peeta Mellark: “An Oswald administration is the only way to keep Panem out of danger, out of darkness. It’s not only the right way, but the only way.”
  • Secretary of International Trade Tyler Thompson: “From the Rebellion to World War IV, the nation of Panem has proven its ability to remain resilient in times of great tragedy and terror. Panem’s leadership is key to keeping the world around us safe.”
  • District 5 Governor Cynthia Thompson: “Panem is filled with heroes and leaders, and I am confident that leadership will prevail this election because not only is Liberty nominating two great and fearless leaders, but the voters of this nation will show that they too are leaders by taking the initiative to vote.”

Dale Wilson, the Governor of District 4, received his party’s vice presidential nomination by acclamation, a far cry from what the last convention had to do. Last time, then-Secretary Oswald received the VP nomination through a series of four contentious delegate votes.

“Thank you, Mr. Chairman and the delegates.  I gladly accept the Liberty Party’s nomination for Vice President of the Republic of Panem.”

“Panem’s leadership is not determined at just the federal or districtwide level. It starts at home, at the dinner table. It starts in the coffee shops, in the corporations. It starts with citizens, and that is who we must thank for the leadership of Panem- as we are a nation of leaders.” — Governor Dale Wilson (Liberty-D4), vice presidential nominee

Vice President Celine Oswald ascended to the podium that same day, cheered by her supporters. She, similarly to Governor Wilson, was nominated by acclamation.

“First, I thank the Chairman of our party as well as the delegates. I thank you Panem, as well. And Mr. Chairman and the Liberty National Committee, I graciously accept the Liberty Party nomination for President of the Republic of Panem and will lead Liberty back to the Capitol in November!”

“The idea that we are a nation that needs ‘fixing’ is preposterous. We don’t need fixing, as we are the fixers. Look at what we’ve done already. As a nation, we have singlehandedly removed authoritarian rulers like Coriolanus Snow and Alma Coin. We disabled the threats of Oceania and the IANO. No, my friends, the nation of Panem does not need to be fixed. We need to help fix the world.” — Vice President Celine Oswald (Liberty-D13), presidential nominee


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