EDITORIAL: Everdeen vs. Oswald/Canth/Paylor/Ren/Steinbeck- Part II

Flashback to President Katniss Everdeen’s first election. She was new. She handily defeated an incumbent President, Cecelia Paylor and then-District 13 Governor Celine Oswald. It was a new age for Panem, regardless if it were to be good or bad.

Well, depending on who you ask, the Everdeen administration has been both good and bad, but that is change nonetheless. And not only has she changed the nation of Panem, she also continuously changes the Panem political system with every move she makes.

This is easily seen through her experiences in the Panem-IANO War and World War IV, both conflicts that changed history. Without that, it could be possible that we would be talking about a President Rick Canth’s reelection campaign today.  It’s also seen through the power vacuum that emerged when she decided against running for a third term- every ambitious politician in all parties in Panem jumped at the opportunity to run in a race that didn’t have Panem’s favorite leader in it.

And now, President Everdeen is shaking Panem government and politics yet again as she begins her transition from the Presidency of Panem to the Secretary-Generalship of the Council of Nations. This leaves some questions as to who exactly is the most powerful person on this planet.

Recent polling by The Panem Free Press currently shows the following in the upcoming presidential race:

Vice President Celine Oswald (Liberty) – 31 percent

Secretary Rick Canth (Conservative) – 25 percent

Secretary Cecelia Paylor (Civic) – 18 percent

Fmr. Governor Felicia Ren (Labor) – 16 percent

Governor Elizabeth Steinbeck (Independent) – 10 percent

As such, it’s going much better for the Vice President, considering that Liberty was sinking only about two months ago. However, with President Everdeen becoming Secretary-General, it will certainly become an issue of whom to answer to. Panem has established a definite superpower status throughout the world- if you doubt that, check our victories in World War IV- and the world, at the moment, looks to us. And, of course, we look to our President as the highest in the land.

Our President is now becoming Secretary-General. We don’t know much about the structure or jurisdiction of the CN as of yet. For all we know, the organization could attempt to govern us- and there’s the possibility of another nation receiving the Secretary-Generalship in the future. This could easily undermine our government if we are to be a part of this. There’s a heavy chance that instead of referring to our incoming President, whoever that may be, they may refer to the new Secretary-General Everdeen instead.

However, there is a good chance that Everdeen will not steer us wrong. As long as we become an extremely powerful member of the CN, along with Everdeen pushing resolutions allowing us to maintain our sovereignty, we should be able to avoid any problems. Should these two things be amended in the future, I would suggest removing ourselves from the CN.


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