BREAKING: Plutarch Heavensbee ends presidential campaign

BREAKING: Former Vice President and independent presidential hopeful Plutarch Heavensbee has ended his campaign for the Presidency of Panem unexpectedly.

Plutarch Heavensbee was first appointed by then-President Cecelia Paylor as the inaugural Secretary of Communications. While a part of the Paylor administration, Heavensbee had a falling-out with the President, as did then-Secretary of State Effie Trinket.

Following this, Heavensbee became a founding member of the Liberty Party, a party that currently rules Panem with key figures like President Katniss Everdeen and Secretary Jonathan Madison. Heavensbee ran, though, as an independent for the Vice Presidency that year, defeating Representative Sextimus Dalton (Independent-D5).

Heavensbee’s vice presidency was certainly tumultuous. He continuously fought with adversaries within the Everdeen administration and in Congress. His term eventually came to an end once a high-profile scandal emerged involving him and prostitution, causing him to resign only two years into his term as Panem’s first vice president. He was replaced in the end by then-independent Governor Tyler Thompson, who has since switched his party affiliation to Liberty and run unsuccessfully for the party’s nomination for president this election.

Heavensbee was never charged by Justice Department prosecutors in the scandal, much because of the attention that it would cause. Apparently, though, Plutarch Heavensbee did not consider himself disgraced enough to withdraw himself completely from politics. Even as the Liberty National Committee unanimously passed a resolution condemning his illegal actions and expelling him from the Liberty Party, Heavensbee had plans to return.

His announcement of a presidential run was certainly beyond anyone’s expectations. Many had assumed (and hoped for Panem’s sake) that he had faded into history, but this was not to be the case. Ultimately, Heavensbee had nearly begun to succeed in District 5- which was completely unexpected. However, his grasp at his chance in that district slipped away recently as the Conservative Party began a large push there, propelling them to the top of D5’s polls.

UPDATE: Heavensbee has appeared in District 7 to formally announce his decision:

“Friends, it is with a heavy heart today that I come here. Panem has dreams, as do its people. I had an ambition. One that I had hoped would carry me to the Capitol once again. It has become clear to me, however, that my chances of succeeding in my quest to fulfill my ambition have faded away and cannot be revived. As such, I have decided to suspend my campaign for the Presidency of Panem, effective immediately. I cannot find a path to continue forward, and it is time to make some decisions. It’s also time to make amends. I’d also like to apologize to Panem. More than once have I let you down, first as Vice President, and now here. I pray for your forgiveness, and for my colleagues’ forgiveness as well. I extend my support to the Vice President in her bid for the Presidency. Thank you.”



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