Convention site selections begin for Liberty, Labor, Civic, Conservative, and even for Steinbeck

The hunt for a convention site began today for the four major Panem political parties, and even Governor Elizabeth Steinbeck, who is running for President as an independent, is planning a convention for herself.

Conventions, as of the last election, have proven to be a key part of the nomination process for Panem politics. Conventions, under Panem law, must occur in order for a presidential and vice presidential nominee to be formally acknowledged as the party’s chosen candidate and to receive funds raised by the party.

Location selection has begun for these conventions. Here are the candidates:


  • District 12 announced that they would forgo a bid for the convention as well as any other convention, stating that “it should be another candidate’s turn to host.”
  • District 4 was the first to announce, stating that their facilities are “top-notch” and that their district is “a clear indicator of the Liberty Party’s success in governing.” District 4 obviously has a great chance due to their attractions, extensive rooming space for visitors and delegates, and also because they are a swing district when it comes to national elections. D4 is also the home to VP candidate and current Governor Dale Wilson, giving them a chance to boost him.
  • District 13, as expected, announced their bid, stating that “Vice President Oswald’s track record is best seen in District 13, and with our venues, we should be a main contender.” District 13 also has a good chance because of its history with the Vice President, who previously served there as Governor. However, they are a Liberty hold, and that will be considered in the decision on a location.
  • District 14 also put in a bid and is attracting a lot of attention as a result. “We have one of the most successful governors in the nation, and it’s easy to see Liberty’s successes here.” District 14’s bid is intriguing as it is not only the newest District, but it’s the only one not in the contiguous Districts of Panem. Detractors to their bid include overseas travel, how D14 is still rebuilding after the War, and that they are a steadfast stronghold for Liberty. They do hold the attraction of the best run District in Panem, the best overall economy in Panem’s districts, and also the fact that Liberty can point to foreign policy in D14.
  • District 7 put in their bid for consideration, stating that “Liberty has roots here, and Liberty has a definite chance at winning here in the election. We’re clearly the right location for this convention.” District 7 holds the distinction of being a swing district, which makes it very lucrative to those choosing the location. However, it must be considered how cold it can get in the northern part of Panem, and that will be detrimental to their bid.


  • District 11 clearly entered in for the convention location nomination. “We’ve got it all here,” states D11 convention host committee chairman Garth Elizondo. “We know what it takes to win here, and we can promote Labor’s ideals easily here and bring Governor Ren to the Capitol on January 1.” District 11, while considered a Labor lock at the moment, has not had a Labor government ever. The lock that Labor has is also weakening as the other three parties are starting to focus more on making the district competitive.
  • District 8 entered to become host of the Labor National Convention again. “We proved last election that we can not only host, but we can push candidates from the bottom to the top of the polls. Labor nearly won last time after holding their convention here- just think about if we tried again!” District 8 does have a point there- they did have a victory in a way when Rick Canth emerged as the surprise nominee, winning on the fourth ballot, and then skyrocketed to second by election day. Canth has since defected to form his own party. However, if D8 can pull off another success like that one is yet to be seen.
  • District 10 entered itself for the opportunity to be the host. “We here in District 10 would like to prove a point that District 10 is not meant for Liberty- it’s meant for Labor. We’d also like to prove that we’re not just some pushover district. We’re important. We’re successful.” District 10 is often overlooked when it comes to Districts, but it does have the reputation of being a swing district at the moment between Liberty and Labor.  However, District 10 also held a successful convention for the Civic Party last year- something that could swing either way when the District is judged.


  • District 3 announced their bid, stating “there’s no better place to showcase the successes of a Civic government but here. It’s clear that we know what we’re doing here, and we know what it takes to win and do what’s right for the people.” District 3 is the only District in Panem that is largely controlled by the Civic Party. However, it also holds the distinction of being a Civic lock.
  • District 10 threw their hat into the ring again, saying “if we can do it so successfully last time, why not again this time?” District 10 was responsible for a boost for Paylor, but this boost did not last. However, District 10 is currently a tossup between Liberty and Labor- and a convention here could change that in Civic’s favor.
  • District 8 threw their name in, stating “we have a chance here, and we’re a great option. It’s time to change the political dynamic here.” District 8 is also in the bidding process for Labor’s convention selection, which could prove detrimental for this bid. However, D8 could end up swinging for Paylor should they hold the convention here and push harder to win the district.
  • District 11 was the last District to make a bid, stating, “a convention here would be beneficial to Civic as well as the people of District 11.” District 11 is currently a Labor lock due to the tough fight between Liberty and Civic here, and it could prove well for Civic to hold the convention here. However, like District 8, this district is also bidding for Labor’s convention.


  • District 5 announced a bid, stating, “District 5 has the clear capability to hold this convention, and we need to prove that Rick Canth is right for Panem.” Former Vice President Plutarch Heavensbee currently leads here, albeit lightly- this is a definite chance for the Conservatives to make a pickup.
  • District 6 is also making a bid- “We know that we can hold this convention and make it successful.” District 6 is currently the only lock for the Conservatives and is also seeking to increase its national profile.
  • District 1 is officially making a bid, and declared that “District 1 is more than capable of succeeding. We’re the definition of superiority and excellence, and we don’t accept anything but a win here. With District 1 as the host, the Conservatives will win.” District 1 is a current tossup that favors the Conservatives at the moment, and has an advantage in funding, venues, attractions, and housing.


Governor Elizabeth Steinbeck is an independent running for president, and she’s going to have a convention- party or no party. She says that she’s got the following locations in mind:

  • District 8
  • District 14
  • District 4
  • District 11
  • District 12
  • District 7




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