Convention bids grow narrower as parties cut from their choices

The parties of Panem, in addition to the Steinbeck campaign, have begun to cut from their choices for a convention site for this year’s presidential and VP campaign.

Conventions are a staple for campaigns, as they offer high publicity while promoting the candidates that are nominated at them. Conventions are also required for parties to nominate candidates. Conventions do not need to be held, though, for independent candidates, but Governor Elizabeth Steinbeck still plans to go forward with hers.

Here are the cities remaining for each convention bid:


  • District 4. Once again, considered to be a main competitor, D4 has advanced to the next round.
  • District 14. A surprise after World War IV, but could potentially hold its own.
  • District 7. Not a surprise, but could fall short in favor of much larger Districts 4 and 14.


  • District 8. Their successful convention from last cycle has proven to be a main talking point for those in charge.
  • District 10. Their convention experience held them over into the finals against the odds.


  • District 3. Their Civic government is proving to be their biggest help in making it to the next round.
  • District 10. Their past convention experience pulled them over, much like it did with their Labor Convention bid.
  • District 8. Its size and swing status has proven to be attractive to the Civic National Committee.


  • District 5. The idea of gaining another Conservative lock was lucrative, and it worked.
  • District 1. The luxury district is being considered the easy frontrunner with its facilities as well as its venues and attractions.


  • District 12, she says, is attractive to her. She says that she can easily point to why Liberty doesn’t do well in government.
  • District 8. She states that it would be strange not to consider her home district, as it’s “the best district in Panem.”
  • District 11. She states that this district attracted her attention with the show that they put on for her whenever she toured. “They are definitely a thought.”

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