RUNOFF DAY: Liberty ticket for Pres./VP to be decided today in national runoff

In a twist of events, the primaries yielded no definite winners in the Liberty Party primaries for president and VP. Instead, there were two and three-way ties respectively- causing a need for unprecedented measures. In specifics, the Liberty National Committee convened in District 4 and decided to hold a nationwide runoff two weeks from the third day of primaries. It’s unknown what will happen now, considering that the vote is over all the districts at once.

UPDATE: Results – 4% – President

Vice President Celine Oswald – 54 percent

Governor Amy Oaksmith – 46 percent

Results – 4% – VP

Governor Dale Wilson – 41 percent

Secretary Jonathan Madison – 34 percent

Governor Rosalie Descoteaux – 25 percent

UPDATE 2: Results – 13% – President

Vice President Celine Oswald – 51 percent

Governor Amy Oaksmith – 49 percent

Results – 13% – VP

Secretary Jonathan Madison – 35 percent

Governor Dale Wilson – 33 percent

Governor Rosalie Descoteaux – 32 percent

UPDATE 3: Results – 20% – President

Governor Amy Oaksmith – 51 percent

Vice President Celine Oswald – 49 percent

Results – 20% – VP

Governor Rosalie Descoteaux – 34 percent

Governor Dale Wilson – 33 percent

Secretary Jonathan Madison – 33 percent

UPDATE 4: Results – 39% – President

Governor Amy Oaksmith – 50.83 percent

Vice President Celine Oswald – 49.17 percent

Results – 39% – VP

Governor Dale Wilson – 33.40 percent

Secretary Jonathan Madison – 33.33 percent

Governor Rosalie Descoteaux – 33.27 percent

UPDATE 5: Results – 56% – President

Vice President Celine Oswald – 52 percent

Governor Amy Oaksmith – 48 percent

Results – 56% – VP

Governor Dale Wilson – 39 percent

Governor Rosalie Descoteaux – 31 percent

Secretary Jonathan Madison – 30 percent

UPDATE 6: Results – 78% – President

Vice President Celine Oswald – 56 percent

Governor Amy Oaksmith – 44 percent

Results – 78% – VP

Governor Dale Wilson – 46 percent

Governor Rosalie Descoteaux – 27.36 percent

Secretary Jonathan Madison – 26.64 percent

UPDATE 7: Results – 100% – President

Vice President Celine Oswald – 57.23 percent

Governor Amy Oaksmith – 43.77 percent

Results – 100% – VP

Governor Dale Wilson – 49.00 percent

Governor Rosalie Descoteaux – 25.95 percent

Secretary Jonathan Madison – 24.05 percent

And there you have it. The Liberty Party nominees for president and VP are Vice President Celine Oswald and Governor of District 4 Dale Wilson.  It appears that this ticket is going to be a powerful one as the Vice President has two national election campaigns under her belt and doesn’t make the same mistake more than once. Then there’s the fact that both candidates are recognized for their intelligence and debate skills as well as their lively personalities.

UPDATE 8: Concession speeches are rolling in:

“I’m honored by your votes, by your support, and by your enthusiasm. It’s simply an honor to be governor of District 7, and a further honor to advance to the first runoff ever held. While some of you may disagree with the Vice President, I will say that she is one of the most graceful, kind, intelligent, and upstanding people I have ever met. She has served as Vice President in a dignified manner and while I would undoubtedly would love to be president, Vice President Oswald has my unconditional support.” — Governor Amy Oaksmith (Liberty-D8)

“It’s been an exciting night for everyone, and I entered this competition knowing that only one out of the five could win. We were close, but that doesn’t matter. I knew from the start of the primaries that no matter who won- whether it was me, or anyone else- that Panem would have the right candidate. And Panem does have the right candidate now- Governor Wilson. He has my support.” — Governor Rosalie Descoteaux (Liberty-D14)

“Look, while I believe that I would have been a fantastic Vice President, I agree with Governor Descoteaux’s sentiment that all five vice presidential candidates would have succeeded. I’ve always stated that any one candidate would have my endorsement if they had won, and as such, I endorse Governor Wilson. He’s got what it takes, and no other candidate in the general election deserves your support more than him.” — Secretary Jonathan Madison (Liberty-D4)

UPDATE 8: Victory speeches from VP Oswald and Gov. Wilson:

“Panem, thank you for your support again. It’s been a pleasure to be Vice President, and it’s time to take our journey to the presidential mansion. It’s time to continue to be the change we wish to see in the world and to be a shining example to others. With this win, we have formed solidarity in our party. Now, onto the general election!” — Vice President Celine Oswald (Liberty-D13)

“It’s a pleasure to be on this stage, especially under this circumstance. I remember my time as interim vice president vividly, and I believe that it’s time that I go back under proper circumstances. We’ve done it- now onwards to the general election we go. Panem Today, Panem Tomorrow, Panem Forever!” — Governor Dale Wilson (Liberty-D4)


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