PRIMARY NIGHT THREE: Final primary day with primaries in Districts 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14

The final primary day has arrived, and by the end of this night, we will have determined the presidential and VP nominees for the Liberty and Labor Parties. What could happen is pretty much anyone’s guess as the last two days changed everything up.

UPDATE: We can now call the results of the District 10 primaries.

Liberty Party – President:

Gov. Amy Oaksmith – 28 percent ✔

Sec. Gale Hawthorne – 26 percent

Vice President Celine Oswald – 25 percent

Sec. Tyler Thompson – 21 percent

Labor Party – President:

Fmr. Gov. Felicia Ren – 39 percent ✔

Sec. Joan Kindred – 35 percent

Fmr. Sen. Ophelie Murray – 26 percent

Liberty Party – Vice President:

Gov. Dale Wilson – 30 percent ✔

Gov. Rosalie Descoteaux – 29 percent

Sec. Jonathan Madison – 24 percent

Sec. Beetee Latier – 9 percent

Sec. Harold Cercisa – 8 percent

Labor Party – Vice President:

Gov. Walter Delta – 97 percent ✔

Gov. Thomas Stemp – 3 percent

Biggest wins (by importance) were Governor Oaksmith and Governor Wilson, both of which were not expected to win. Governor Ren pulls through by a decent margin, and Governor Delta demolishes Governor Stemp as if he were a token candidate in Delta’s home district of D10.


UPDATE 2: We can now call the results of the District 12 primaries.

Liberty Party – President:

Vice President Celine Oswald – 37 percent ✔

Sec. Gale Hawthorne – 35 percent

Gov. Amy Oaksmith – 16 percent

Sec. Tyler Thompson – 12 percent

Labor Party – President:

Fmr. Gov. Felicia Ren – 36 percent ✔

Sec. Joan Kindred – 34 percent

Fmr. Sen. Ophelie Murray – 30 percent

Liberty Party – Vice President:

Gov. Dale Wilson – 24 percent ✔

Sec. Jonathan Madison – 23 percent

Gov. Rosalie Descoteaux – 20 percent

Sec. Beetee Latier – 17 percent

Sec. Harold Cercisa – 15 percent

Labor Party – Vice President:

Gov. Walter Delta – 53 percent ✔

Gov. Thomas Stemp – 47 percent

This is beginning to look like the beginning of the end for Governor Thomas Stemp’s campaign for VP as Governor Walter Delta has taken the lead now. Governor Dale Wilson wins yet another primary, cementing himself as a contender as others scurry to stop this sudden momentum. Governor Felicia Ren wins again, but it was closer this time. Senator Ophelie Murray finally breaks the thirty percent mark for the first time in several primaries, still placing third. Vice President Celine Oswald fended off Secretary Gale Hawthorne in a close battle for District 12’s primary delegates, which pitted the close ally of President Everdeen and next door neighbor District 13’s former governor against a former District 12 resident and war hero.

UPDATE 3: We can now call the results of the District 11 primaries.

Liberty Party – President:

Gov. Amy Oaksmith – 32 percent ✔

Sec. Gale Hawthorne – 24 percent

Vice President Celine Oswald – 23 percent

Sec. Tyler Thompson – 21 percent

Labor Party – President:

Fmr. Sen. Ophelie Murray – 40 percent ✔

Sec. Joan Kindred – 31 percent

Fmr. Gov. Felicia Ren – 29 percent

Liberty Party – Vice President:

Sec. Jonathan Madison – 27.09 percent ✔

Gov. Rosalie Descoteaux – 26.91 percent

Gov. Dale Wilson – 24 percent

Sec. Harold Cercisa – 13 percent

Sec. Beetee Latier – 9 percent

Labor Party – Vice President:

Gov. Walter Delta – 51 percent ✔

Gov. Thomas Stemp – 49 percent

Governor Delta is all but set to sweep Day 3’s primaries, it appears. Governor Ren and Secretary Joan Kindred were astoundingly squashed by Senator Murray in a surprise win, but it appears that Murray’s win is only symbolic as she lags to such a point that there will be no return for her. Governor Oaksmith wins a second primary tonight by a wide margin. For Liberty’s VP primary, Secretary Madison finally won another primary- a good sign for him as this was one he didn’t expect to do so well in, while he’s expected to win in District 13- and it appears that his campaign may begin to look better now. It was close however, between him and Governor Descoteaux, showing how divisive these primaries can be.

UPDATE 4: We can now call the results of the District 13 primaries.

Liberty Party – President:

Vice President Celine Oswald – 29 percent ✔

Sec. Gale Hawthorne – 28 percent

Sec. Tyler Thompson – 22 percent

Gov. Amy Oaksmith – 21 percent

Labor Party – President:

Sec. Joan Kindred – 35 percent ✔

Fmr. Gov. Felicia Ren – 33 percent

Fmr. Sen. Ophelie Murray – 32 percent

Liberty Party – Vice President:

Sec. Jonathan Madison – 47 percent ✔

Sec. Beetee Latier – 21 percent

Gov. Rosalie Descoteaux – 12 percent

Sec. Harold Cercisa – 11 percent

Gov. Dale Wilson – 9 percent

Labor Party – Vice President:

Gov. Walter Delta – 56 percent ✔

Gov. Thomas Stemp – 44 percent

Governor Delta wins yet again. Secretary Kindred pulls out a win in the nuclear district. Secretary Madison wins in a landslide victory that was completely and utterly expected, allowing him to share the lead in the delegate count with Governor Wilson, who ironically placed last in the District 13 primary. Vice President Oswald wins her second primary of the night with Secretary Hawthorne not far behind.

UPDATE 5: We can now call the results of the District 14 primaries.

Liberty Party – President:

Sec. Tyler Thompson – 25.34 percent ✔

Vice President Celine Oswald – 25.31 percent

Gov. Amy Oaksmith – 25.20 percent

Sec. Gale Hawthorne – 25.15 percent

Labor Party – President:

Fmr. Gov. Felicia Ren – 35 percent ✔

Sec. Joan Kindred – 33 percent

Fmr. Sen. Ophelie Murray – 32 percent

Liberty Party – Vice President:

Gov. Rosalie Descoteaux – 30 percent ✔

Sec. Harold Cercisa – 29 percent

Sec. Beetee Latier – 24 percent

Sec. Jonathan Madison – 9 percent

Gov. Dale Wilson – 8 percent

Labor Party – Vice President:

Gov. Walter Delta – 54 percent ✔

Gov. Thomas Stemp – 46 percent

In the final primary of the season, many things occurred. Governor Walter Delta completed a full sweep of five consecutive primaries with a win in D14. Governor Rosalie Descoteaux, as expected, won her home district primary but was nearly trumped by Secretary Harold Cercisa. Former D8 Governor Felicia Ren won another primary. And in a surprise win, Secretary Tyler Thompson won the presidential primary for the Liberty Party in District 14.

FINAL REMARKS: It’s over- we now have nominees, and…well…situations. You’ll see at the final delegate counts that we have ties in some primaries, which will be settled by having the losing candidates releasing portions or all of their won delegates to the tied winners. This should alleviate the problem.  Tonight, however, does have one difference from the other nights: we cannot make predictions any longer- we must simply announce the delegate counts and wait for statements regarding the release of delegates in order to break ties. However, to achieve a party nomination, each nominee must receive a majority of delegates. As each number of delegates for each nomination equals 1500, this means a candidate must reach 751 delegates to receive their respective nomination.

The final delegate count of the primary cycle are as follows:

Liberty – President:

✔ Governor Amy Oaksmith – 500 delegates (D4, D7, D8, D10, D11)
✔ Vice President Celine Oswald – 500 delegates (D1, D6, D12, D13 Cap.)
Secretary Tyler Thompson – 300 delegates (D3, D5, D14)
Secretary Gale Hawthorne– 200 delegates (D2, D9)

Liberty – VP:

✔ Governor Rosalie Descoteaux – 400 delegates (D7, D8, D14, Cap.)
✔ Secretary Jonathan Madison – 400 delegates (D4, D6, D11, D13)
✔ Governor Dale Wilson – 400 delegates (D1, D9, D10, D12)
Secretary Beetee Latier – 200 delegates (D2, D5)
Secretary Harold Cercisa – 100 delegates (D1)

Labor – President:

✔ Former Governor Felicia Ren – 800 delegates (D2, D3, D8, D9, D10, D12, D14, Cap.)
Secretary Joan Kindred – 400 delegates (D4, D5, D6, D7, D13)
Former Senator Ophelie Murray – 200 delegates (D1, D11)

Labor – VP: 

✔ Governor Walter Delta – 900 delegates (D2, D7, D8, D9, D10, D11, D12, D13, D14)
Governor Thomas Stemp – 600 delegates (D1, D3, D4, D5, D6, Cap.)

UPDATE 6: We have received word that Secretaries Thompson, Hawthorne, Kindred, Latier, and Cercisa along with Senator Murray and Governor Stemp have conceded in the primary contests. It appears all delegate decisions were made without regard to the other candidates who conceded.

Secretary Hawthorne released all 200 of his delegates to Vice President Oswald, making her 50 short of the nomination.

Secretary Thompson released 250 delegates to Governor Oaksmith and 50 delegates to Vice President Oswald. This puts both women at 750 delegates exactly- one short each of winning the presidential nomination.

This is shocking and unexpected, as there is not a procedure as of yet on what to do should this arise. We have now been informed that the Liberty National Committee has called an emergency session on the matter, however.

Senator Murray released her 200 delegates to Secretary Kindred, though this still leaves Kindred short of the nomination.

Secretary Kindred, in turn, has released all 700 of her delegates to former Governor Ren, citing a need for “solidarity” before the general election.

Governor Stemp released all 600 of his delegates to Governor Delta, once again saying that there is a need for “unity.” This puts Governor Delta at 1500 delegates, the same number as Governor Ren’s count.

Secretary Cercisa released his 100 delegates to Governor Wilson, saying that he’s the “best equipped for the job, considering how he’s done it before.”

Secretary Latier released 100 delegates to Governor Descoteaux, and 100 delegates to Secretary Madison, stating that “either Governor Descoteaux or Secretary Madison is the ideal person for this office. They know what it takes to be a leader, and they have done so before and can do it as Vice President.

These totals, like the Liberty presidential primary, tie all three candidates at 500 delegates and 250 short of obtaining the VP nomination.

UPDATE 7: We have been informed that the Liberty National Committee voted to hold a set of national primary runoff elections for the presidential and VP primaries. The tied winners of the primaries will be on the ballot and voters must choose between one of the candidates. 


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