PRIMARY NIGHT NUMBER ONE: First primaries to take place under revised system

The first presidential and VP primaries of this election season are taking place today under the new revised primary system. Under this primary system, each district will have 100 delegates each for both the winner-takes-all VP and presidential primaries, and there will be three primary days:

  • Day 1: Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, and the Capitol
  • Day 2: Districts 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Day 3: Districts 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

This allows for each district to be on even footing for the primaries and allows for easier calculation of the nominee.

As such, we will report results of the primaries of Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, and the displaced populace of the Capitol that will vote from District 4.

Primaries will be held for the Liberty Party and Labor Party, but not for independent candidates. Technically, the Conservative Party primary and Civic Party primary is also to take place, but it is generally understood that these two parties have ascertained their tickets as no viable competition to the nominees has emerged in time for the primaries.

UPDATE: We can now report the results of the District 3 primaries. 

Liberty Party – President:

Sec. Tyler Thompson – 33 percent ✔ 

Vice President Celine Oswald – 25 percent

Sec. Gale Hawthorne – 22 percent

Gov. Amy Oaksmith – 20 percent

Labor Party – President:

Fmr. Gov. Felicia Ren – 46 percent ✔ 

Sec. Joan Kindred – 32 percent

Fmr. Sen. Ophelie Murray – 22 percent

Liberty Party – Vice President:

Gov. Dale Wilson – 26.8 percent ✔ 

Sec. Jonathan Madison – 26.2 percent

Gov. Rosalie Descoteaux – 19 percent

Sec. Harold Cercisa – 18 percent

Sec. Beetee Latier – 10 percent

Labor Party – Vice President:

Gov. Thomas Stemp – 72 percent ✔ 

Gov. Walter Delta – 28 percent

The big wins out of D3 are obviously Sec. Thompson and Governor Wilson, both underdogs in their respective primaries. If one recounts the last primary track,  Governor Wilson didn’t garner a single delegate. This time, he’s already picked up a hundred. Is this a possible sign of more to come?

UPDATE 2: We can now report the results of the District 2 primaries. 

Liberty Party – President:

Sec. Gale Hawthorne – 53 percent ✔ 

Vice President Celine Oswald – 43 percent

Gov. Amy Oaksmith – 3 percent

Sec. Tyler Thompson – 1 percent

Labor Party – President:

Fmr. Gov. Felicia Ren – 40 percent ✔ 

Sec. Joan Kindred – 39 percent

Fmr. Sen. Ophelie Murray – 21 percent

Liberty Party – Vice President:

Sec. Beetee Latier – 32 percent ✔ 

Gov. Rosalie Descoteaux – 18 percent

Sec. Jonathan Madison – 17 percent

Sec. Harold Cercisa – 17 percent

Gov. Dale Wilson – 16 percent

Labor Party – Vice President:

Gov. Walter Delta – 52 percent ✔ 

Gov. Thomas Stemp – 48 percent

A not surprising win from Secretary Hawthorne, but he’s the first to win his home district after Secretary Latier and former Senator Murray were rejected of wins in their home district of D3. However, Sec. Latier won D2’s VP primary for the Liberty Party- a surprising twist. It’s also notable that Governor Walter Delta won the D2 primary for VP for the Labor Party. Delta was expected to lose every primary except for Districts 9 and up.

UPDATE 3: We can now report the results of the District 1 primaries. 

Liberty Party – President:

Vice President Celine Oswald – 31 percent ✔ 

Gov. Amy Oaksmith – 30 percent

Sec. Tyler Thompson – 23 percent

Sec. Gale Hawthorne – 16 percent

Labor Party – President:

Fmr. Sen. Ophelie Murray – 34 percent ✔ 

Sec. Joan Kindred – 33 percent

Fmr. Gov. Felicia Ren – 33 percent

Liberty Party – Vice President:

Sec. Harold Cercisa – 24 percent ✔ 

Gov. Rosalie Descoteaux – 22 percent

Sec. Jonathan Madison – 22 percent

Sec. Beetee Latier – 21 percent

Gov. Dale Wilson – 11 percent

Labor Party – Vice President:

Gov. Thomas Stemp – 62 percent ✔ 

Gov. Walter Delta – 38 percent

Former Governor Felicia Ren has been halted in what may have been an inevitable seizure of the Labor presidential nomination after former Senator and presidential contender Ophelie Murray won the D1 primary. This is widely an upset as Murray has not led in any poll in any district to date. Meanwhile, Governor Thomas Stemp regains his pedestal in these primaries that he was widely expected to sweep without a loss, and Secretary Harold Cercisa gained a victory in the Liberty VP primary as expected. Vice President Celine Oswald finally gained her first victory after being beaten in the last two primaries in D3 and D2. This has to be a relief to her as she appears to wane in these primaries despite being the most known figure in the Liberty Party aside from President Katniss Everdeen herself.

UPDATE 4: We can now report the results of the Capitol primaries, held in District 4. 

Liberty Party – President:

Vice President Celine Oswald – 79 percent ✔ 

Sec. Tyler Thompson – 9 percent

Sec. Gale Hawthorne – 8 percent

Gov. Amy Oaksmith – 4 percent

Labor Party – President:

Fmr. Gov. Felicia Ren – 59 percent ✔ 

Sec. Joan Kindred – 31 percent

Fmr. Sen. Ophelie Murray – 10 percent

Liberty Party – Vice President:

Gov. Rosalie Descoteaux – 39 percent ✔ 

Sec. Jonathan Madison – 30 percent

Sec. Beetee Latier – 13 percent

Gov. Dale Wilson – 11 percent

Sec. Harold Cercisa – 7 percent

Labor Party – Vice President:

Gov. Thomas Stemp – 50. 0001 percent ✔ 

Gov. Walter Delta – 49.9999 percent

Vice President Oswald becomes the frontrunner for the Liberty presidential nomination as she gains another 100 delegates. This is certainly a joyous time for her and her campaign as they recover from semi-dismal polling. The Labor VP primary in the Capitol was extremely tight, coming down to three votes, with Governor Stemp pulling through by a razor-thin margin. This was supposed to be his set of primaries to lose, and it certainly seems that he’s closer to losing than winning. Governor Rosalie Descoteaux from the overseas district of District 14 is the victor of the Liberty VP primary by a wide margin, which is not much of a surprise after she served as Panem’s interim president.

UPDATE 5: After much waiting, we can now report the results of the District 4 primaries. 

Liberty Party – President:

Gov. Amy Oaksmith – 25.54 percent ✔ 

Vice President Celine Oswald – 25.21 percent

Sec. Gale Hawthorne – 25.16 percent

Sec. Tyler Thompson – 25.09 percent

Labor Party – President:

Sec. Joan Kindred- 40 percent ✔ 

Fmr. Gov. Felicia Ren – 36 percent

Fmr. Sen. Ophelie Murray – 24 percent

Liberty Party – Vice President:

Sec. Jonathan Madison – 20.36001 percent ✔ 

Gov. Dale Wilson – 20.35768 percent

Sec. Harold Cersisa – 20.28231 percent

Gov. Rosalie Descoteaux – 20 percent

Sec. Beetee Latier – 19 percent

Labor Party – Vice President:

Gov. Thomas Stemp – 56 percent ✔ 

Gov. Walter Delta – 44 percent

The majority of the contests were extremely close, adding to the suspense. Governor Amy Oaksmith won the D4 Liberty presidential primary by a margin of just .33 percent, making every presidential competitor have at least one primary under their belt. The VP primary for the Liberty Party was even tighter than the presidential primary. Due to three candidates being from District 4, and all being extremely well-known (Cercisa was a representative, Wilson is their current governor, and Madison was their beloved Speaker), the primary was extremely close. As in hundred-thousandths of a percentage point. That close. Secretary Jonathan Madison won the primary by .00001 percent, the closest margin in history. In the millions of votes in D4, it came down to ONE VOTE. However, no recount will be held as all candidates have conceded, stating that it was fair. The surprise showing of the night goes to Governor Rosalie Descoteaux and Secretary Beetee Latier. Though they landed in fifth and sixth places respectively, it was close- Descoteaux was within .36001 percent of winning the primary outright, and Latier only 1.36001 percent. In the Labor primaries, Secretary Joan Kindred, the original frontrunner, finally won a primary after former Governor Felicia Ren won three primaries and former Senator Ophelie Murray won one. Governor Thomas Stemp once again won his primary, completing his near-sweep of the first five primaries.

FINAL REMARKS: It’s been a crazy night for politics. There literally were no losers, only winners. Not one candidate didn’t win a primary- not ONE. Even Senator Murray won one against the odds. However, it’s apparent of the following ratings:

  • Liberty Party presidential primary: Current frontrunner is VP Oswald. Others are very close behind and easily could catch up. Leans Oswald
  • Liberty Party VP primary: It’s a free-for-all. Not one person can be deemed the frontrunner. Tossup
  • Labor Party presidential primary: It’s Ren! Though there are still ten more primaries to come, it seems that Governor Ren is the person to beat. Likely Ren
  • Labor Party VP primary: Though tonight was clearly a great night for Governor Stemp, who gathered 400 delegates to Governor Delta’s 100, it’s clear that his lead will diminish later on. Delta is by no means the obvious nominee; it’s just obvious that it’s too early to call this race. Tossup

The final delegate count after Day 1 of the primaries:

Liberty – President:

Vice President Celine Oswald – 200 delegates (D1, Cap.)
Secretary Gale Hawthorne – 100 delegates (D2)
Governor Amy Oaksmith – 100 delegates (D4)
Secretary Tyler Thompson – 100 delegates (D3)

Liberty – VP:

Secretary Harold Cercisa – 100 delegates (D1)
Governor Rosalie Descoteaux – 100 delegates (Cap.)
Secretary Beetee Latier – 100 delegates (D2)
Secretary Jonathan Madison – 100 delegates (D4)
Governor Dale Wilson – 100 delegates (D1)

Labor – President:

Former Governor Felicia Ren – 300 delegates (D2, D3, Cap.)
Secretary Joan Kindred – 100 delegates (D4)
Former Senator Ophelie Murray – 100 delegates (D1)

Labor – VP: 

Governor Thomas Stemp – 400 delegates (D1, D3, D4, Cap.)
Governor Walter Delta – 100 delegates (D2)


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