Gov. Steinbeck announces running mate in independent run for president

In a widely anticipated decision awaited by many in Panem’s political circles, Governor Elizabeth Steinbeck of District 8 finally announced her decision for her VP pick in her independent run for the Presidency.

Governor Steinbeck, who only was elected a year ago to her governorship in District 8, is pursuing an independent run for the Presidency of Panem and could possibly serve as a spoiler in the election. She promised many weeks ago that she would select a VP nominee to round out her ticket and make herself a more viable contender for the presidency.

In a shocking turn of events, the controversial governor picked former Representative Sextimus Dalton from District 5 to run on her ticket as her VP pick. Dalton is well known for his second-place finish for the vice presidency when President Everdeen was first elected and for his failed attempt to gain People for Panem’s nomination for VP. This is his third go-around for the office and the first after he was indicted for treason against Panem, charges that were later dropped.


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