BREAKING: President Everdeen and others evacuated as District 4 invaded

BREAKING: President Katniss Everdeen and other members of the presidential line of succession along with all members of the Panem government have been evacuated to “safe, clandestine locations” after Oceanian Alliance forces began an amphibious invasion by air and sea on the coastal district of District 4.

District 4, known for its coastal boundary on the Gulf of Mexico, has been subject to invasion once before during the Panem-IANO War. However, the Oceanian Alliance invasion is considered unprecedented as they begin to wage brutal war on Panem’s soil. District 4 is also home to the nation’s temporary capital after the Capitol, Panem’s official national capital, was destroyed in the recent earthquake.

UPDATE: It is reported that Panem military forces have driven off the invasion. President Everdeen also gave another wartime address.

“An invasion of Panem’s borders has occurred in the coastal district of District 4. The amphibious invasion by air and sea once again cost many innocent citizens their lives. These people were simply going about their daily lives, and yet it is considered acceptable by the Oceanian Alliance to invade our borders and compromise our sovereignty in the name of war. I have communicated with our friends in Europe, where they are winning the war on that front, to discuss further action, and it has become apparent that another set of firebombings would not be an option that is effective. It is unfortunate- and God help me when I say this- that our last resort must be used. We must deal a striking blow to this heinous alliance and end this war as quickly as possible.”

It is currently unclear what last resort the President was referring to, but it is a heavy possibility that the Council of Nations may have approved the use of unilateral force against the Oceanian Alliance. Such force may include but wouldn’t be limited to land and sea invasions, air bombings, and use of nuclear weaponry.

UPDATE 2: It is reported that the General Assembly of the Council of Nations has conferred via hologram and issued the following statement:

The Council of Nations, conferring with all in attendance via hologram, has come to the unanimous decision to condemn the actions of the Oceanian Alliance and its members and to consent and support an unprecedented, unilateral war against the Alliance. Though the Council clearly would rather a diplomatic solution to this conflict, it recognizes through the instances of the Hartt Corporation bombing and the invasion of District 4 by Oceanian forces that such a solution is no longer a viable one. The Council similarly gives consent to the use of nuclear weaponry, a weapon only to be used in a last resort case.



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