BREAKING: Pres. Everdeen, VP Oswald evacuated to undisclosed location as terror strikes D4

BREAKING: The Hartt Corporation building in District 4, the tallest building in Panem, was struck by a set of bombs at 3:00 PM today. This is the first major attack on Panem’s soil in World War IV.

The Hartt Corporation building, the tallest building in Panem, collapsed a half-hour after the bombs detonated. It is heavily suspected that the Oceanian Alliance was at the center of the plot. It is currently unknown what the death toll is, but as the building is typically at full capacity around 2 PM to 3 PM, it is probable that the death toll will be enormous.

President Everdeen was informed as she met with citizens of District 4 at a district council meeting when she was interrupted by her chief of staff, a move never made unless completely necessary. She reportedly continued her question and answer session with the spectators regardless of the attack, and after the Q&A was completed, she delivered the following statement:

“Today, we endure another national catastrophe. A set of intentional explosions, purportedly foreign in origin, have destroyed the Hartt Corporation building. Please calmly evacuate to local bomb shelters. This is not a suggestion, but an order.”

The President was escorted quickly to her hovercraft and took to the skies quickly in order to transport her to an undisclosed location. It is reported that the Vice President, Speaker, President pro tempore of the Senate, and members of the Cabinet have similarly been escorted to locations deemed top secret in order to avoid a calamity akin to the D3/Capitol earthquake.

UPDATE: It is reported that it is unlikely that there are any survivors of the bombing and that the building was indeed at full capacity according to data collected from check-in machines found in the rubble. This places the death toll at approximately 30,000 people, the largest terrorist attack in history. President Everdeen delivered an address:

“It was once said that a nation, when attacked heavily, has no reason to remain silent while being attacked. And so it is with our nation of Panem. The Oceanian Alliance once again committed an act of treachery today. This alliance of countries has singlehandedly murdered thirty-thousand people in a span of an hour and a half. These people were normal civilians- men sipping coffee at their desks, women discussing how to increase their company’s profits, and children attending a “Bring Your Child to Work” Day. Not one of these people was involved in the military. Not one of these people showed an act of aggression. And now, the anger of Panem transcends all boundaries, beyond the limits of political parties, or of social groups, or even grudges held between others in our country. This act is a war crime, and all countries in the Oceanian Alliance will be held accountable and feel our presence. As Commander-in-Chief of the Panem Armed Forces and in agreement with the Departments of the Interior, Defense, and Homeland Security, I announce the commencement of total war against those responsible. No one will be spared.”

Firebombing began in the Republic of Oceania soon after the President declared a state of “total war.” It is also reported that the Panem Navy, Army, and Marines have begun an amphibian invasion of the Polish-Ukrainian Republic with assistance of Grecorussian forces and a similar invasion in West Africa.


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