BREAKING: Oceanian spy hovercraft seen over Districts 2 and 4

BREAKING: A spy hovercraft, likely from the Oceanian Republic, was spotted over Districts 2 and 4 today, the first surveillance operation that the Oceanian Alliance has taken in the Americas.

The government of Panem and of Districts 2 and 4 have been placed on HOMEDEF 2, the highest rating used to date on Panem’s Homeland Security Defense scale. Residents of the aforementioned districts have been recommended to keep a watch out for suspicious activity, strange aircraft, and foreign ships as the Oceanian Alliance may attempt to pursue an offensive maneuver on North America. The government also reiterated these warnings to all citizens of Panem through the Departments of Homeland Security and the Interior.

“Today, under Executive Order 000185, as Commander-in-Chief of the Panem Armed Forces, I have set the Homeland Security Defense level to Level 2, its second-highest level. This decision was made in agreement with Secretary of Defense Gale Hawthorne, Secretary of Homeland Security Haymitch Abernathy, and Secretary of the Interior Rick Canth after a foreign surveillance aircraft was seen over Districts 2 and 4 today.” — President Katniss Everdeen (Liberty-D12)

“In accordance with our decision to raise the HOMEDEF level to Level 2, we recommend that all citizens be on the lookout for suspicious activity, especially among unknown citizens, foreign ships, and strange aircraft.” — Secretary of the Interior Rick Canth (Conservative-D7)

“All citizens of District 2 are recommended to keep an eye out for strange activities among tourists and suspicious aircraft. It is also highly recommended that all non-military citizens keep away from military bases.” — Governor Trevor Patton (Liberty-D2)

“Citizens of District 4 are recommended to avoid all coastlines as enemy ships may approach. Only military members may use the ports of District 4 at this time and all civilian ships should be docked neighboring District 10. All citizens should be mindful of strange activities among others, unknown aircraft, and foreign ships that are clearly not merchant.” — Governor Dale Wilson (Liberty-D4)

Secretary of State Jonathan Madison has boarded a plane bound for Glasgow after the recent reconnaissance flight was discovered in order to address the Council of Nations in an attempt to get a condemnation of the Oceanian Alliance’s actions in World War IV, garner support for the Panem Alliance, and an expulsion of Oceania and its allies from the CN after it has repeatedly violated the CN Charter endlessly.


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