Supreme Court of Panem rules that elections must go on

Due to mass confusion in the light of World War IV, President Katniss Everdeen asked the Supreme Court for a decision whether or not elections may be postponed until a later date than the November election day.

The Supreme Court handed down the following decision in a vote of 9-0:

We, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Panem, hereby find that election laws set forth by the Constitution of the Republic of Panem do not allow for the postponement of presidential, vice-presidential, congressional, or senatorial election dates. We do rule, however, that the option of postponement of elections in districts of the Republic of Panem are not a matter of the federal government of the Republic of Panem and should be handled by the respective districts in which the elections will be held.

Essentially, this decision provided an explanation on the recent controversy over election dates. The Supreme Court stated, in short, that there is to be no postponement of any federal elections as this is in direct violation of the Constitution, but district elections are subject to the laws of the districts, and therefore may be postponed.

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