Wartime address to the citizens of Panem, by President Katniss Everdeen

People of Panem, it is with great regret and sorrow that I once again speak to you on the topic of war, and it is not lightly that I touch upon the topic of the war on Panem soil. However, it is with a heavy heart that I tell all citizens of Panem that our nation, one of peace and one that has not threatened intervention into this new World War, has once again suffered an attack on our soil and on our citizens. In the city of Calais, Oceanian naval forces launched a deliberate attack on District 14’s largest port city, sinking one civilian ship in particular that killed fifty-six people. They also destroyed buildings, killing others. These people were not members of our military- these people were simply tourists, boys, girls, men, women. These innocent souls have been murdered in cold blood in an act of aggression on our nation. It is beyond belief that the Oceanian Republic believes that it is reasonable to attack innocent civilians, to attack a peaceful nation that did not support either side and favored isolation above all. And therefore, as President of Panem and Commander-in-Chief of Panem’s armed forces, I have recommended to Congress a piece of legislation declaring a state of war between the Republic of Panem and the Republic of Oceania and any others that ally themselves with them. I do not do this lightly, and while I value peace above conflict, it is necessary to protect our nation against acts of aggression like this. And let me be absolutely and utterly clear to the leaders of Oceania and their allies: Panem will not stop until you are completely defeated. We will not stop until you beg for mercy. You will regret the thought that Panem was simply another country in the way of your goals. And you will certainly fear us, for there is nothing higher than the unity, liberty, and freedom that the nation of Panem enjoys.

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