CN officials declare war to be WWIV as war enters Europe

The Council of Nations General Assembly in a unanimous vote passed a motion declaring the new conflict in the Southern Continent and Africa to be “World War IV” as it begins to encroach upon the European Continent.

The CN passed a motion declaring a fourth world war to be beginning, a startling move from the new international body. The motion has become a scare for many as they recount the history of only a century ago when the nuclear World War III raged between the alliance of the Russian Federation, North Korea, Iran, and China and the alliance of the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Canada, obliterating many world powers.

World War IV has begun to encroach upon the nations in Europe as it escalates in other areas. Africa has largely divided into two separate alliances, and Europe is beginning to do the same as the Grecorussian Empire has declared war on the nations supporting Oceania and the Polish-Ukrainian Republic declared war on them and any country supporting Zealandia. Meanwhile, Germany, France, the UK, Scotland, the Netherlands, and others are remaining neutral but are continuing to threaten those who may attack them. Panem’s District 14 has become a prime worry for the government on the North American continent, as the only European district of Panem is incredibly vulnerable should France or Germany enter the war.


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