WAR, TERRIBLE WAR: War rages as new nations join the conflict in Southern Continent

Oceania and Zealandia are no longer the only countries fighting in the war in the Southern Continent, according to reports. Apparently, South Africa, who harbors military bases for the Zealandian Republic, and Australia, a longtime supporter of Zealandia, have been attacked by the Republic of Oceania.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Weston Crenshaw, contacted President Hiba Bothma during the attacks to plan for counterefforts against Oceania. Subsequently, the nations of South Africa and Australia have declared unilateral war on Oceania and will side with Zealandia in the new world war.

The war now is truly global as two continents are affected. South Africa, on the continent of Africa, is the first nation outside of the Southern Continent to be attacked. The typical definition of a world war according to the Oxford International Dictionary is “a prolonged conflict between multiple nations spanning at least two continents.” The definition is certainly fulfilled now.

UPDATE: President Katniss Everdeen of Panem’s office has issued her second statement regarding the conflict:

“Though it is important to note that the conflict does not affect our citizens currently, it is of importance to end this new war quickly before it escalates further. The government of Panem has said and will continue to vow to protect Panem from attacks on our citizens abroad and at home- whether this be from terrorists or other countries engaging in what seems to be becoming World War IV. “

It is important to note the nature of this statement; it is one of an administration that is quite obviously facing the fact that Panem, as one of the world’s most dominant countries, will eventually have to intervene or risk being attacked themselves. The Everdeen administration also became the first government of any nation worldwide to describe the war as a fourth World War- a drastic step.


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