WAR, TERRIBLE WAR: War breaks out in the Southern Continent as Oceania and Zealandia begin military attacks

War has broken out in the Southern Continent as Oceania and Zealandia have declared war upon one another and began military aggression towards each other. This is the first war in the region in many years.

In an act of aggression, the Republic of Oceania has begun military operations against the nation of Zealandia after declaring war on them in response to their claim on many isles near the boundary of the two adjacent nations. The maritime boundary between the two nations has been a dispute for the two for over a decade. Zealandia responded to the attacks by launching their own against the Oceanic islands and other territories that they own.

Concern has risen from many prominent figures that alliances that have been forged between other nations and the two at war may draw in more countries into the conflict. One analyst stated that this could be the trigger of a fourth world war, mentioning that such a conflict could be potentially dangerous after the mass destruction and radiation caused by World War III, a nuclear war that devastated millions of miles of land and killed two trillion people during and in the aftermath of the war.

It is unknown what the Everdeen administration will do in the light of these recent events. Regardless of her position, this new war brings another aspect to the presidential election- what stance they take on foreign policy now will affect them greatly.


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