President Everdeen issues response to new war in the Southern Continent

President Katniss Everdeen (Liberty Party-District 12) called a press conference to address concerns about the war in the Southern Continent:

Citizens of Panem, I know that you are concerned over this new war in the Southern Continent. I know that there are fears about how this could affect us as a nation. Let me be the first to say that I share your concern and that I am continuously monitoring the situation around the clock. And let me be clear: Panem is not a nation at war, and Panem does not plan to engage in military conflict in the Southern Continent. Our ties to our friends in Oceania and Zealandia maintain strong regardless of their conflict, and until further notice, we will not side with either of them, nor will we support them militarily or monetarily. Our business is on our own soil, not theirs. However, their conflict is not one of which Panem approves, and thus, we condemn it. Citizens, do not fear. There is no war to be had in Panem, and there is no reason to worry.


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