Council of Nations announces interim and permanent Secretary-General picks; Effie Trinket named Ambassador to the CN

The newly-formed Council of Nations named their picks for interim and permanent Secretary-General today, not to the surprise of many.

The Council of Nations, a new intergovernmental organization aimed at diplomacy rather than force, began the creation of their main structure with the naming of the interim Secretary-General, who does not have to be approved by a majority of the nations, and the first permanent Secretary-General, who does have to be approved. The interim Secretary-General, taking office immediately, is District 14 Lieutenant Governor Raphaël Maçon. According to Panem law, Maçon may remain in office as Lt. Governor as the Council position is only a temporary position.

The largest news of the day was the naming of the first permanent Secretary-General of the Council of Nations. The Council of Nations unanimously approved the nomination of President of the Republic of Panem Katniss Everdeen as Secretary-General. She will take office in an inauguration in Glasgow, Scotland, the day after she leaves office as President. The future Secretary-General and current president officially announced the ambassadorship to the Council of Nations as well, naming founder of the CN Effie Trinket to the spot. This is Trinket’s first government position since she resigned from the position of secretary of state in the Paylor administration.


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