Many declare candidacies after Everdeen’s announcement

A plethora of high-profile government figures have declared their candidacies for the nation’s highest offices today, along with a little more than just that. The largest news came from Secretary Rick Canth, who is the head of the Department of the Interior. Canth, a former Labor Party senator, left Labor after disputes regarding ideology and subsequently declared himself an independent. In the fashion of Secretary of Intelligence Cecelia Paylor (Civic’s nominee for president in the last election), Canth organized a party that did appreciate his ideology and registered it with the Panem Electoral Commission. The Conservative Party will participate in the upcoming elections as Rick Canth as their presidential candidate and a VP nominee of whom will be selected later on. Other news regarded the declarations of intent to run for president or VP. A rundown:

Liberty Party:

  • Vice President Celine Oswald decided to run for president, a move that wasn’t unexpected.
  • Governor Rosalie Descoteaux announced her run for vice president. It’s believed that she corresponded with Oswald on her decision before she made a final decision.
  • Secretary of State Jonathan Madison announced that he would run for vice president, stating that he’s obviously qualified after his time as interim president.
  • Secretary of Defense Gale Hawthorne decided to run for president despite Oswald’s declaration, stating that he “would continue the legacy of President Everdeen.”
  • Secretary of the Treasury Harold Cercisa declared his run for vice president. A bit of a shock for pundits, as he’s never run districtwide, let alone nationwide.
  • Governor Dale Wilson declared his intention to run for VP again, stating that he’s already served in the position long enough to give him standing as a “credible candidate for the office.”
  • Governor Cynthia Thompson declared that she would not run for any higher office this election cycle despite the draft efforts.
  • Secretary of International Trade Tyler Thompson, a former VP, announced he would run for president via the Liberty ticket. He switched his party affiliation to Liberty today as well.
  • Governor Amy Oaksmith announced her run for the presidency, stating that “we need someone from outside the Capitol for now.”
  • Beetee Latier, secretary of communications, declared his intent to run for VP.

Civic Party:

  • Secretary of Intelligence and former President Cecelia Paylor declared that she would run for president again. Another expected turn of events.
  • Former Speaker of the House and previous VP nominee Samuel Trenton declared his intention to run for VP.
  • Governor Bertram Spellings declared his interest was in District 3, not another election.

Labor Party: 

  • Senate Labor Leader Ophelie Murray declared her run for president.
  • Governor Thomas Stemp declared his run for vice president.
  • Previous VP nominee Joan Kindred announces her run for president. She’s ahead by quite a bit over Murray, reportedly, but is being beaten in polls by Felicia Ren.
  • Governor Walter Delta declared that he would run for VP.
  • Former Governor Felicia Ren announced her run for president, stating that “we cannot afford a Steinbeck presidency, and without me, that’s where we’re heading.”

Conservative Party:

  • The Conservative Party announced that their nominee for president would be Secretary Rick Canth, its founder. No primary will be held for VP or President.


  • Former VP Plutarch Heavensbee, long since expelled from the Liberty Party, declared that he would run for president as an independent without a running mate.
  • Governor Elizabeth Steinbeck previously announced her run for president and has welcome the dozens of new contenders. She stated that she would select her running mate in the coming weeks.
  • Secretary Tyler Thompson also commented on a possible independent run for president, stating, “I will certainly not jeopardize the Liberty Party by splitting their votes. The answer is no: I will not seek to run for president or vice president as an independent, only in the primary for the Liberty Party.”

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