Liberty Party faltering after Everdeen’s announcement

A polling of the political scene in Panem will concern the Liberty Party as they hit their lowest approval rating in a decade.

In a recent polling for Panem Free Press, the following results were tallied:

What is your view of the Liberty Party?

Approve – 41 percent

Neutral – 49 percent

Disapprove – 10 percent

What is your view of the Civic Party?

Approve – 32 percent

Neutral – 64 percent

Disapprove – 4 percent

What is your view of the Labor Party?

Approve – 38 percent

Neutral – 52 percent

Disapprove – 10 percent


Thus, the poll shows a rise for the Civic and Labor Parties. These parties will undoubtedly be ecstatic since no party sans Liberty has held the presidency or vice presidency. This could be a major turning point for these, and a tight set of elections could be ahead.

This decrease for the Liberty Party could be attributed to President Everdeen’s decision to forgo another run for president. The incumbent president is extremely popular among the masses, and it appears that the Liberty Party will need to find another standardbearer that is similarly popular.


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