BACK TO THE FUTURE: Elizabeth Steinbeck announces presidential campaign

Elizabeth Steinbeck, the new governor of District 8, made waves today in a press conference where she became the first Panem politician to announce their presidential campaign.

Steinbeck is the new governor of District 8, where she defeated incumbent Felicia Ren (Labor-D8) for the governorship by a teeny margin. Steinbeck reportedly began to assemble her campaign for president even before her gubernatorial victory. Steinbeck has long been a critic of President Everdeen and her administration in addition to the party process of Panem politics, calling it “divisive” in multiple interviews with the media.

However, Steinbeck’s announcement isn’t without its criticism. Panem Free Press news correspondent Hardin Corsica slammed the independent governor in an interview conducted shortly after her announcement, stating:

“Honestly, at this point in Panem’s history, campaigns for the presidency should be on hold, especially yours, Governor. We’ve never needed unity more, especially after that earthquake. What you’re doing is disrespectful to the citizens, to our leaders, and to our nation.”

Steinbeck responded:

“I understand as much as any public official right now what is needed for our nation. Your comments are out of line, Mr. Corsica. I have assisted the Capitol and District 3 with financial and physical aid, I served as both interim Secretary of Intelligence and interim Attorney General. Do not tell me that I do not understand what is good for our country. What is right is to begin the healing process by beginning to return to normalcy, a concept that you apparently are not comfortable with.”

Steinbeck denied any further interviewing or comments afterwards.

Steinbeck, however, is no stranger to enigmatic ploys in politics. She poured millions of dollars into Panem’s election cycles and sought the D8 governor’s office as an independent, a virtually impossible feat in a country dominated by party politics. According to sources, Governor Steinbeck will be running on an independent ticket, but will be labeled under “Independence Party” as the Panem Electoral Commission requires those running for political office to file with a party as of the last midterm cycle. There has been no formal announcement of a vice presidential nominee for the governor of District 8- and there may never be. According to many experts, Governor Steinbeck does not technically require a running mate, as the vice president is elected separately from the president. However, it has become custom over the last two elections to run as a ticket of two nominees, and this ensures a lack of political conflict as the ticket normally isn’t split.


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