District 3 Governor Reuben Chandler found dead; Lt. Gov. Bertram Spellings takes office as Governor

After three weeks of rescue efforts, the body of Governor Reuben Chandler was found in the rubble of his home in the capital of District 3.

Governor Reuben Chandler was born in District 3 under the rule of President Coriolanus Snow III. Chandler was first elected to public office when he was elected to the 1st Panem Congress as a representative from District 3’s first congressional district as an independent. He later joined the Civic Party upon its inception and eventually ran for governor in District 3, where he became the first Civic Party member to win a governorship.

However, his term did not last long, as he only served three months before the earthquake struck, killing thousands in the Capitol and District 3, along with claiming the late governor’s life. It has been announced that Lieutenant Governor (and current acting Governor) Bertram Spellings will take office as governor later today.

A closed-casket session will be on display in the city square of the capital of District 3. Funeral arrangements will be made shortly, but it supposedly will be a private ceremony for family and friends only.


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