Congress reassembles for first time since D3/Capitol earthquake

For the first time since the earthquake that rocked Panem’s capital and the adjourning District 3, the Congress of the Republic of Panem assembled to handle matters. The earthquake that nearly destroyed the national government of Panem registered 9.1 on international scales and caused the Governors Association of Panem to form an interim government that is almost completely in place as of now.

Congress met in the District Capitol building in District 4 in order to bring order to the nation that is unsure of who’s in charge. They discussed many matters. Here’s a checklist.

  • A repeal of the Presidential Succession Act was passed unanimously, showing the distrust in the law after it completely fell apart when everyone on the Presidential Succession line went missing.
  • A replacement for the Presidential Succession Act was passed unanimously, with the main differences between the two laws being the inclusion of the governors of the districts.
  • A resolution was passed easily to move the capital of Panem to District 4 temporarily. However, a proposal to move the Capital permanently to District 4 is being met with contempt, but could pass Congress soon.
  • A resolution honoring Senate President pro tempore Wendla Johnson (Liberty-D7) and Speaker of the Panem House of Representatives Enrique Saldana (Liberty-D2), both of which died in the earthquake, was passed unanimously and met with thunderous applause.
  • The Senate selected their new President of the Senate pro tempore based on talent rather than age. Sophia Delacruz, senator of District 5 and former governor, has been selected as the new Senate President pro tem.
  • The House selected their new Speaker of the House, similarly defying expectations by selecting a person outside of leadership for the job. The new Speaker of the House is Constantin Richelieu, a Liberty representative from District 14’s ninth congressional district.

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