EDITORIAL: A Tale of Two Presidents

There has never been a time in world history where one of the greatest world powers has had two people in the exact same position at the exact same time. It just hasn’t, and shouldn’t, happen. However, Panem has completely thrown this simple rule out the window, and, of course, this isn’t exactly our government’s fault at all.

Like I mentioned, you may be aware that there’s not one president, but two right now: President Katniss Everdeen, the incumbent and second president who was reelected two years ago, and interim President Jonathan Madison, who acceded to the presidency because President Everdeen was buried under rubble for several days. While President Everdeen was constitutionally elected to serve, it’s quite apparent to the nation and the international community that she isn’t capable of discharging the duties of the presidency. Meanwhile, President Madison is. The issue is the constitutionality of having two presidents, considering how the Constitution of Panem never states the ability to have an “acting” president while one is incapacitated, especially when this “acting” president has been officially sworn in as President. This goes for the Vice President as well- VP Oswald is similarly unable to discharge her duties and has an interim replacement in the form of District 14 Governor and former interim President Rosalie Descoteaux.

Now, this isn’t to say that this system is to be challenged now. I’m just saying that this system isn’t quite what it should be. I don’t think that our line of succession for the presidency reaches quite far enough. It obviously is lacking in the situation of the earthquake, which nearly took out the entire line itself, leaving us to resort to drastic measures that were never conceived in the creation of the line of succession. It also lacks in what to do if the president is missing, but not officially dead, which caused the problem with Jonathan Madison and Katniss Everdeen becoming co-presidents. There shouldn’t have been a President Descoteaux, and there shouldn’t be a President Madison. Both cases just don’t match up with the Constitution, and legally, the act that put the line of succession into law must be replaced as soon as possible. I’d suggest an act involving the governors of the districts, considering none of them will all be in the same place on any given day, unlike our national government that met in the Capitol since it’s where they are all stationed.


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