President Descoteaux resigns as incoming interim President Jonathan Madison takes oath of office

We have been informed that President Descoteaux has resigned the presidency effective the moment that Jonathan Madison, secretary of state, accedes to the presidency. He took office as Panem’s fourth chief executive, albeit an interim president, at noon today.

President Madison is the first male president of Panem upon his oath of office and will serve continuously as president unless President Everdeen or Vice President Oswald is found. The other two positions above his former office of Secretary of State in the presidential line of succession are Speaker of the House of Representatives and President of the Senate pro tempore. Both Speaker Enrique Saldana and Senate President pro tempore Wendla Johnson were among the casualties of the recent earthquake that struck the Capitol.

It is unknown if other Cabinet members have survived or how many members of the Panem Congress were killed. It is confirmed that at least seven representatives and one senator (Sophia Delacruz, District 5) were not in the Capitol at the time of the catastrophe and are alive.

Rosalie Descoteaux, the governor of District 14 and previous interim president, will serve now as Vice President. All secretaries have been moved down to the next-lowest position.


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