BREAKING: Multiple government members found alive

BREAKING: Multiple government members, including congressmen, senators, and Cabinet members, have been found injured but alive.

Key government members found are as follows:

All cabinet members have been found alive

Senate Majority Leader Michael Debroff is injured but alive

Senate Labor Leader Ophelie Murray is injured but alive

House Majority Leader Miranda O’Neal is in critical condition, but may recover

Supreme Court Chief Justice Sean Wheeler is lightly injured but clearly alright


Vice President Oswald nor President Everdeen have been located, and it is feared that they may be dead. The search deadline is running thin and may be extended a week should the need arise.


UPDATE: Vice President Celine Oswald has been found alive, but critically injured. It is uncertain whether she will live, but she will certainly not take the oath of office to become President unless she is discharged from the hospital. Meanwhile, interim President Jonathan Madison will continue on as president.


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