BREAKING: Secretary of State Jonathan Madison is alive, recovering in hospital

BREAKING: Secretary of State for the Everdeen administration Jonathan Madison (Liberty-D4) is alive but injured and is currently recovering from injuries at a District 4 hospital.

The secretary is the first Cabinet member from the Everdeen administration to be found, dead or alive, and the secretary himself is fifth in the line of presidential succession. It is expected that after he is released from the hospital, Secretary Madison will assemble yet another interim government until the status of the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, and President pro tempore of the Senate are determined. Secretary Madison, under less than ideal circumstances, will take an interim office as president of Panem, becoming the nation’s first male president.

UPDATE: We have further clarification of casualties. President of the Senate pro tempore Wendla Johnson was injured fatally by the earthquake and died before paramedics could reach her. Speaker of the Panem House of Representatives Enrique Saldana is critically injured and is expected not to recover. In all, the earthquake has still left thousands missing, millions injured, and at least 1500 dead.

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