BREAKING: Magnitude 9.1 earthquake strikes District 3, Capitol

BREAKING: We have been informed by District 4 authorities that a magnitude 9.1 earthquake has struck the Capitol fault that goes through both the Capitol and District 3, resulting in a nationwide power failure. Backup reserves of electricity in District 12 were immediately put to use once District 3’s power units failed.

Such an earthquake on the fault is unprecedented and highly unexpected, though researchers in the past did not deny the possibility of such a disaster.

UPDATE: The number of missing persons has risen to over 5,000 people in District 3 and over a thousand in the Capitol. The Capitol building is severely damaged, as is the Presidential Mansion. The whereabouts of key government officials is currently unknown.

UPDATE 2: It is confirmed that President Everdeen, Vice President Oswald, Speaker Saldana, Senate President pro tempore Johnson, all Cabinet members, and District 3 Governor Reuben Chandler are currently missing.

UPDATE 3: A video call of Panem’s governors, minus missing District 3 governor Reuben Chandler, has occurred to determine what is to be done about the crisis. It appears that the governors have formed an interim government and will issue a press conference on the matter.

UPDATE 4: District 14 Governor Rosalie Descoteaux, speaking from District 4 on a vacation, is giving the Panem Governor Association response to the disaster:

“It is unfortunately true that a disaster of epic proportions has hit our nation, this time hitting our government as well. Please keep calm, as we do have a functioning government in Panem. While we do not know the whereabouts of the President, Vice President, or anyone in the line of presidential succession, the Panem Governors Association, with little choice, must provide a working interim government. As such, it is with great discomfort and worry that we announce our interim government.”

The interim government consists of all governors with lieutenant governors filling in where necessary. The governors will run Panem until a survivor of the earthquake that lies in the presidential line of succession is found, if there is one at all.

The interim government:

  • President: Rosalie Descoteaux
  • Vice President: Dale Wilson
  • Secretary of State: Amy Oaksmith
  • Secretary of Defense: Rebecca Tarson
  • Secretary of the Interior: Walton Delta
  • Secretary of the Treasury: Festus Ashland
  • Secretary of Intelligence: Elizabeth Steinbeck
  • Attorney General: Owen Talton
  • Secretary of International Trade: Cynthia Thompson
  • Secretary of Global Development: Trevor Patton
  • Secretary of Commerce: Vance Fletcher
  • Secretary of Energy: Thomas Stemp
  • Secretary of Communications: Trenton Escavel
  • Secretary of Transportation: Harold Dupont
  • Secretary of Agriculture: Tanner Qualiski

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