Sec. Rick Canth declines second run for president, discusses future

Secretary of the Interior Rick Canth declined to run a second time for the nation’s highest office, saying that he never intended to run the first time.

In his press conference that was delivered to the press today, the former Labor nominee and former senator for District 7 stated that he did not wish to run again and that he is going to remain in President Everdeen’s Cabinet. The inaugural holder of the position Secretary of the Interior, Canth serves as the third-highest ranking official in Everdeen’s cabinet and works with the Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security to ensure the safety of Panem’s citizens. In addition, he is in charge of Panem’s infrastructure.

Secretary Canth also shocked many with further news of his future. He stated that he felt that the Labor Party no longer suited his ideals as a person and that he would leave the party. He did not state if he would join another party or become an independent.

Secretary Canth also declined to comment on a VP run or on running for governor in District 7, his home district. He said that his main plan right now was to continue on with his job as Secretary and had no further plans at the moment.


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