EDITORIAL: And so, it begins…

Everyone knows by now how Panem politics works. After observing one special presidential election, one special midterm election, two midterm elections, and two presidential elections, it’s clear that there’s a sort of cycle when it comes to politics.

And so, the presidential half of the cycle has begun. It’s to no surprise that before the midterms all possible candidates for federal elections were mute on their intentions, and it’s no surprise that now there’s news of several candidates gearing up for their campaigns.

Here’s a rundown:

  • Elizabeth Steinbeck (Independent-D8): The new governor of District 8 is already courting donors and attempting to garner support for a run for president. She has scheduled a press conference in two weeks to discuss her future plans.
  • Rosalie Descoteaux (Liberty-D14): The governor of the most electorally heavy district of Panem has began to assemble a campaign discretely, but there’s no word on whether this is for the presidency or vice presidency. She similarly has scheduled a press conference in a month, but it seems that it may not have to do with her future plans.
  • Katniss Everdeen (Liberty-D12): The incumbent president of Panem may seem mute on her plans, but insiders in the Capitol seem convinced otherwise. With the passage of a constitutional amendment allowing for a max of three terms, the president seems ready to seize the opportunity to run for an unprecedented third term, and this is the general belief in the Capitol. The President says that she’s more concerned with the well-being of the country, but many expect an announcement within two weeks in order to counter opponents from outside her party and within.
  • Celine Oswald (Liberty-D13): The incumbent VP isn’t new to campaigning, and many say that should the incumbent step aside and not seek reelection, Oswald would run for president a second time. However, for now, it seems that she is readying for another run for VP, which may become a bruising primary battle again. However, it’s common knowledge that she will announce her intentions after President Everdeen.
  • Cecelia Paylor (Civic-D8): The secretary of intelligence and former President stated in her concession speech last election that she would again seek to run for the presidency this next time around. She’s since backed off her decision, but we expect a decision on running quite soon.
  • Rick Canth (Labor-D7): The secretary of the interior and former Senator would seem to be the preferred nominee for the stagnant Labor Party, but it seems that he doesn’t want to go through the campaign again. He has set a press conference date in a week to state his intentions, but it seems that running will be up to someone else.

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