Governor Rosalie Descoteaux is considering bid for Liberty presidential nomination, sources say

Sources close to District 14 Governor Rosalie Descoteaux have told Panem Free Press recently that the governor is heavily weighing a run for the presidential nomination of the Liberty Party.

Governor Descoteaux was elected governor of the brand-new District 14 a little bit after its creation. Originally from France, Descoteaux was mayor of Lille before resigning in protest to French policies regarding the Panem-IANO War. Afterwards, she became a political superstar, skyrocketing to the governor’s mansion with little difficulty.

The next presidential election is about a year and three-quarters away from now, but it’s not too soon to think about it, according to some analysts. “Governor Descoteaux, coming from Europe, presents a unique circumstance as she may enter a very heated primary that may or may not swing her way,” says one senior analyst. He also notes that President Everdeen has not approached the time for deciding whether or not to seek a third term, but should she do so, she would not have to launch as early as others since she is the incumbent.

Governor Descoteaux is also in a unique case as she may be the first candidate for the presidency born outside of Panem’s borders. Though the Constitution of Panem does not explicitly state that those born outside of Panem may not seek the presidency, many believe that this is a problem. “Personally, I think that should Descoteaux run, she would end up in some sort of legal trouble where she would have to make a case for herself,” stated Ralph Phineas, another analyst. He said that he doubts that any action would be taken in the legislative branch, however, to impede her progress.



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