MIDTERM ELECTIONS #2: Tight races expected in several places

Tonight is the second set of midterm elections in the nation of Panem, and this election cycle is expected to produce elections among the tightest seen in Panem’s political history. Results for elections will be announced en masse by category except for a certain few.

UPDATE: After a contentious primary election and runoff in District 5 between Governor Douglas Boyd and Lieutenant Governor Cynthia Thompson, Lt. Governor Thompson finally edged out a victory in the runoff after Governor Boyd had a double-digit lead in the original primary election. The Lieutenant Governor of District 5 is now the Governor-elect as she defeats all other competitors to reclaim the seat once held by her husband, former Vice President Tyler Thompson.

Polling: Liberty 51%-Civic 25%-Labor 24%

UPDATE 2: The composition of the Senate now is 19 Liberty-5 Labor-4 Civic. Turnovers occured in:

  • District 1: Labor gains seat I from Civic.
  • District 3: Civic gains seats I and II from Labor and Liberty, respectively.
  • District 9: Liberty gains seat from Labor.

A bad night for Labor, but they still hold more seats than Civic, who was widely expected to rise.

The composition of the House is now 100 Liberty Party members, 32 Labor Party members, 22 Civic Party members, and 2 independent members (Total of 156 representatives). Once again, losses for the “opposition parties.”

UPDATE 3: Governorship results are:

  • District 2: Trevor Patton (Liberty) reelected.
  • District 3: Vera Adler (Labor) defeated by challenger Reuben Chandler (Civic).
  • District 4:  Dale Wilson (Liberty) reelected.
  • District 5: Lt. Governor Cynthia Thompson (Liberty) elected Governor.
  • District 8: Independent Elizabeth Steinbeck defeats incumbent Felicia Ren (Labor) in extremely contentious contest.
  • District 12: Rebecca Tarson (Liberty) reelected.
  • District 13: Owen Talton (Liberty) reelected.
  • District 14: Rosalie Descoteaux (Liberty) reelected.

UPDATE 4: This concludes our coverage of the second Panem midterm election cycle. Gains and losses occurred, with a significant one in mind: Elizabeth Steinbeck has defeated incumbent Governor Felicia Ren in District 8, a startling event for many. It’s rumored now that Governor-elect Steinbeck is privately courting donors for a possible campaign for the Presidency in two years, a very audacious move that may cause much turmoil.


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