BREAKING: King Willem of the Netherlands abdicates

In the latest event in a string of international political upheavals, King Willem I of the Netherlands has abdicated the throne in favor of the crown heir, his daughter, Sophia. The king of Europe’s most populous mainland country stated that it was time to acknowledge the people’s opinions were not his own, and that “a new era must be ushered in immediately.”

King Willem, over his reign of forty-seven years, has been an extremely controversial figure. Under the king, the Netherlands first joined the IANO and eventually became a leading country in the IANO and in European politics. However, over the past year, he has been criticized heavily for the effects of a war against Panem as well as a widely unpopular land purchase by Panem. This, along with his age, are likely the reason behind his decision to abdicate.

Sophia, Princess of Orange, was heiress apparent under her father. Sophia, 28, is considered by international sources to be more receptive to change and has urged her father in the past to drop the Netherlands’ affiliation with the IANO. Her father’s abdication signals a change in the Netherlands as the country seems set to elect the first Parliament in a hundred years to recognize the nation of Panem.

The soon-to-be Queen Sophia will be officially coronated in the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. The coronation will indeed mark a new era, considering how the last queen of the Netherlands, Catharina-Amalia, ruled over one hundred and fifty years ago. Since then, the country’s royalty has been dominated by men by simple luck of the draw.


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