Governor Sophia Delacruz of District 5 resigns

Surrounded by close friends, family, and her supporters, Governor of District 5 Sophia Delacruz announced that she has resigned the office of governor, effective immediately.

Governor Delacruz will be succeeded by Lieutenant Governor Douglas Boyd. No party alliance will flip as both the Governor and Lieutenant Governor are members of the Liberty Party. The new Governor will seek to appoint a lieutenant governor, as is prescribed by district law.

Governor Delacruz stated that she was resigning to spend more time on the campaign trail. The governor is the presumptive Liberty Party nominee for the Senate seat to be opened by retiring Senator James Peliot. Delacruz is also a favorite by pollsters to win in the general election, especially with no viable challengers even testing the waters as of yet.

As for the new Governor, Douglas Boyd, he will face the task of finding a viable lieutenant governor. Speculation is growing that the wife of former Governor Tyler Thompson, Cynthia Thompson, will be appointed as the replacement. Cynthia Thompson is already actively campaigning for the governorship in District 5, but this development may hinder her plans to become governor of the district that her husband was in charge of less than two years ago. Governor Boyd has not confirmed or denied his intention to run for reelection as of yet, but he may choose to stand aside in favor of Mrs. Thompson. Polling suggests that Mrs. Thompson already has a firm lock on the governorship well ahead of the primaries and the general election.


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