Cynthia Thompson appointed Lt. Governor

According to district law, any open seats statewide must be filled within 48 hours of vacancy. And thus, the new lieutenant governor of District 5 has been sworn in among minimal pomp and circumstance. It doesn’t bother her, however.

Lieutenant Governor Cynthia Thompson (Liberty-D5) is the wife of former District 5 Governor Tyler Thompson. While Lt. Governor Thompson has not previously served in elected office, she is not a stranger to the political scene. Thompson first served as the First Lady of District 5 when her husband was swept into office. She was a key component of his campaigns, making speeches on his behalf as well as introducing him to voters. She made the campaign circuit with him twice, once for his election and then second for his reelection campaign. Thompson then was thrust into a high-profile position as the Second Lady of Panem when Governor Thompson was appointed and confirmed as Panem’s Vice President under President Katniss Everdeen. Thompson was responsible for many dinners and galas as well as hosting guests for the Vice President. She entered the campaign circuit again during the last election cycle, when she became campaign chair for then-Secretary of State Celine Oswald’s campaign for Vice President.

After the election, Cynthia Thompson found herself put into a situation she had not experienced in nearly a decade- she was back in private life with zero cameras around, no reporters, nothing. She stated that “I couldn’t stand just sitting around all day with nothing to do. I spent over a decade serving the people of District 5 and of Panem, and now I’m doing nothing.” She set out to fix that. After hearing of incumbent Liberty Governor Sophia Delacruz’s decision to run for the Senate rather than reelection, Thompson threw her hat into the ring to run for governor. Thompson has since become the favorite for the Liberty Party nod as well as the general election.

And so, it is both surprising and not surprising at all to find Thompson as the newly-appointed Lieutenant Governor of District 5. Her appointment, as of now, points to two possible prospects for the election:

  1. Governor Boyd seeks reelection and fights the new Lt. Governor Thompson in a bruising primary for the Liberty Party nomination, with a possibility of a Thompson loss and an independent run where she will inevitably win.
  2. Governor Boyd seeks to either run for reelection to his Lt. Governor seat or decides to retire, leaving Thompson the Liberty nomination and ultimately, the election.

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