Multimillionaire Elizabeth Steinbeck becomes President Everdeen’s worst enemy, declares intention to run for D8 governor

Multimillionaire Elizabeth Steinbeck may not be a known quantity throughout Panem now, but with a little work, she may be more noticed. Steinbeck, founder and CEO of Steinbeck Enterprises, declared her intention to seek the governor’s office in District 8 against incumbent governor Felicia Ren (Labor-D8). Not only is she campaigning against the incumbent, she is similarly attempting to draw a larger crowd in by attacking the President’s policies and reaction to the rebellious People for Panem party.

Steinbeck, though new to campaigning politically for herself, is no stranger to the political scene. She delivered critical funds to certain congressional candidates and senatorial candidates, but withheld her endorsements in the gubernatorial and presidential elections. Many say that her endorsement of a challenger to President Everdeen could have caused the presidency to change hands, or at least throw the race into the House of Representatives.

Her campaign is one that is rare but not unheard of. Steinbeck hinted sporadically at an entry to politics since the presidential election and it is no surprise that she is running for governor. However, her decision to go solo and run on an independent ticket is nothing short of shocking, considering how the only successful independent governor was elected due to his past leadership with the district, not due to the funds.

Steinbeck is focusing on many objectives in her campaign, such as improving the economy of the dwindling district. However, she has taken the offense recently, attacking incumbent Governor Felicia Ren of the Labor Party, stating that she “specifically is in charge of this district, its residents, and overall the well-being of those in the district,” and said that Ren “lied when she told everyone that the economy is improving.” She also took up a more national fight, this time against President Everdeen herself. Steinbeck stated:

“Honestly, I do not trust this ‘bipartisanship.’ It’s obviously just there to appease the public, and it’s there just to appease the President. There’s plenty of stuff that I take issue with regarding the Everdeen administration. I’d start first with how the Everdeen administration handled the incident with People for Panem. I do not support the minor rebellion that People for Panem attempted to pursue, but I do believe that the incident was overblown. Not every member of People for Panem supported that act, and arresting all known members of a legally registered political party appears, at least to me, to be representative of a authoritarian police state not unlike that of Snow’s. And truthfully, if I were in the House, I’d file articles of impeachment against her, considering how the order to arrest political dissidents came directly from her pen, and that is outside her realm of responsibility as president of Panem. She is an elected leader, not some absolutist monarch.”

The comments garnered support from the minute amounts of PfP supporters, but attracted intense criticism from all sorts of people.

“Mrs. Steinbeck needs to understand that districtwide campaigns are meant to stay in districts. She needs to understand that bipartisanship isn’t a bad thing, and that what President Everdeen did during that crisis was widely supported by members of the Liberty, Civic, and Labor Parties as well as independents. Not only that, she was supported by the people, and that is of prime importance.” — Governor Felicia Ren (Labor-D8)

“I must ask, much like Governor Ren, that Mrs. Steinbeck please restrain herself from issues that are not of her concern and that are over and done with.” — Press Secretary Polaris Septrix

“Do I support Elizabeth Steinbeck for governor? Is this some sort of joke? I would never support a candidate for a district office that attempts to meddle in national affairs and insists that a president who did the right thing should be impeached. It’s horrid to say that President Everdeen is akin to Snow. I know the president personally. I have seen her decision-making process. And if Mrs. Steinbeck knew what she was doing, she’d not only back off of national affairs, she’d similarly withdraw from the race for governor. I do not support her campaign for governor, as she is a disgrace to Panem and to District 8.” — Secretary of International Trade and former Vice President Tyler Thompson (Independent-D5)

“It’s not my place to comment on the matter, but I will anyway because the entire situation is all too infuriating to me. I will speak directly to the voters in District 8: Do not make the mistake of electing this woman for governor. Any person willing to aim to falsely accuse a person of treason and attempt to destroy a reputation in order to raise their own will most likely take their district down with them.” — Governor Dale Wilson (Liberty-D4)

The office of the Vice President had no comment, and the President addressed the topic through her Press Secretary, as seen through the quote above.


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