Former Second Lady of Panem Cynthia Thompson announces gubernatorial run

A woman has launched her gubernatorial campaign, but this woman isn’t a normal woman. This woman is Cynthia Thompson.

Cynthia is the wife of the former Vice President of Panem, Tyler Thompson. She is also a former First Lady of District 5 since her husband served as governor of that district prior to becoming Vice President. Mrs. Thompson has flirted with a gubernatorial run before, but talk of a possible run heavily increased when Mrs. Thompson joined the Liberty Party two months ago. This increased speculation that Mrs. Thompson could run to replace current Governor Sophia Delacruz, who is running for the open senator spot left by James Peliot.

And the whispers were correct this time- Cynthia Thompson has indeed announced that she will run for the Liberty nomination for Governor of District 5. She stated that she would run a campaign based on that of her husband’s and that she would continue his policies as well as Governor Delacruz’s.

Mrs. Thompson is the first Second Lady to run for office.  At no point has any first or second lady of any district or of Panem ran for political office. However, first and second ladies typically select causes to work in favor of and also serve on appointed committees.

Mrs. Thompson’s entry into the race for Governor will change the political landscape in that race. Before her entry, she was polling very high in approval ratings and was the frontrunner for the nomination and the general election races by a wide margin. It has been a question if the Labor or Civic Parties (or even both) would contest this election following the bipartisanship in the Capitol. As of this moment, no contender for the Civic or Labor nominations has emerged.


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