Pro-Panem governments swept into power over past months

Over the past three months, voters in the countries of the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Switzerland (well, not actually…) have elected new governments. Yet to come this year are elections in Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands. Let’s see what effects these elections have had and will have on Panem.

UK: The UK in the past has taken an isolationist policy in regards to war with Panem. They refused to intervene when asked to participate by the IANO, turning a blind eye to the conflict. In the most recent election, Labour Prime Minister Denis Waldon lost power to the Conservatives, who have placed Edith Felton as their new PM. The Felton government has acknowledged the Everdeen government as legitmate and has established formal relations with Panem for the first time in over a century. Queen Victoria II approved of the new relations publicly, stating that Panem will be “our friend from here on out.”

Scotland: Everyone in Panem knows of Scotland. It broke from the UK about seventy-five years ago, gained a staunch anti-nuclear government, and obviously joined the IANO. Then they joined the crowd of countries (all being members of the IANO) declaring war on Panem over nuclear weapons. Well, once they were pushed back, Scotland’s people acknowledged that they couldn’t take it anymore and removed their pro-IANO government and Prime Minister Alec Maclean. In their place came a more Panem-friendly government, headed by new Prime Minister Marcus Flemington. Under Flemington’s government, Scotland has shed its ties to the IANO and established relations with Panem.

Ireland: The government in Dublin has been a little bit spastic over the past fifty years, particularly regarding Ireland’s recognition of Panem. Depending on the ruling party (which typically flips every ten years or so), the recognition of Panem changes. In this election, Ireland chose a government that has decided not to recognize Panem as a nation to establish ties with, stating that they are “radical right-wingers who are threatening Ireland’s safety.” Prime Minister Donagh McGuinness stated this in his first address to the public, and the governments of Scotland and the United Kingdom were quick to defend their new ally. President Everdeen denounced the claims, stating that Panem has done nothing to the Irish and that “our ties are deep with Ireland, and we hope that we can reach some sort of consensus rather than attacking each other with such incendiary comments.”

France: With a defeat at the hands of Panem and a political movement started by now-Governor Rosalie Descoteaux (Liberty-D14), France overwhelmingly voted out the Socialist government in favor of Nouvelle République (or NR, for those who like acronyms). NR is a brand-new centrist party who gained traction after the IANO lost to Panem. Not only was the Parliament up for grabs, but so was the Presidency. Incumbent President Matthieu Sicard of the Socialist Party was defeated in a landslide election in favor of Solange Delacroix of NR, who became the first female President of France. With her came new Prime Minister Yannick Olivier. They, like the new Scottish and British governments, openly established relations with Panem and ditched the IANO.

Switzerland: The Swiss have always been neutral. Period. The end. Except not. The new President, who was selected from the Federal Council, announced that Switzerland will now recognize the government of Panem and establish relations. Though there was no election here, this was news enough for us.

Germany: Polling by many European pollsters indicate that a pro-Panem government will replace the neutral government currently in place. Germany has not recognized Panem since its establishment.

Spain: See above. Spain is basically in the same position as Germany.

The Netherlands: Like with France, Panem defeated the Netherlands heavily and now the people are fed up with the IANO-favored government. It seems that in the next election the current government will be ditched in favor for a more neutral Panem-supporting government.


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