EDITORIAL: Looking ahead to the next President- why not?

A third term is completely unheard of in any situation, regardless of office.

However, one must consider that President Katniss Everdeen isn’t completely hated, nor disliked, or even getting a “meh” response. She’s almost universally loved by Panem- it’s a uniting point that wasn’t exactly expected when she won reelection by the skin of her teeth. One more electoral vote for a competitor, and she would have been forced into a nasty election between her and three competitors in the House of Representatives, where she could have easily lost considering it’s not EVs there- it’s a count of districts per person, and they won’t necessarily swing like they did for the Electoral College.

However, here she is, back in the Capitol. It’s not necessarily a surprise, considering how popular she is. In fact, that’s the point of this editorial: to point out how popular she is. President Everdeen is so popular that political circles in both the Capitol and the districts of Panem are discussing the next presidential election four years in advance and how the President could easily win then.

There are some major factors against this, however. First, you must consider President Everdeen in this. She’s a major supporter of term limits, stating in her first victory speech four years ago that she would heavily support a constitutional amendment that would limit the Presidency to two four-year terms. However, this hasn’t come up since. Regardless, we must also consider that after eight years at the top of Panem’s political food chain, President Everdeen will have to be exhausted. She’s in control of a major power in the world, attempting to maintain a government and keep it civil. It would take a severe push from political figures and citizens alike to make her run again.

You also have to consider how there’s four years to go. There’s a chance that she may not be even half as popular as she is right now. There’s time for scandals to emerge, for events to happen, for alliances to break up. Then there’s the case of Secretary of Intelligence and former President Cecelia Paylor. Paylor still has presidential ambitions after being squashed twice in the past two elections, even stating during her concession speech that she’d be running for the Civic Party nomination for President of Panem again in four years. While this comment was made before the “Great Bipartisanship” emerged, it’s not completely preposterous that Paylor won’t seek election to her old position. She’s not out of the game like she was this last election since she’s now a Cabinet secretary, and she possibly won’t be facing an incumbent should President Everdeen decide to keep to what she previously said about term limits. However, this doesn’t guarantee a primary win for Paylor, nor a general election win should Paylor receive her nomination. She’s nowhere near the popularity of the President, with a 44/56 approval-disapproval rating.

Should President Everdeen not seek a third term, we would be looking at a brand new name in presidential politics, and most likely, an election where no former or current President is seeking the office. Most likely we will see a brand new politician win the office. Let’s look at some names to be thinking of.

Vice President Celine Oswald (Liberty-D13): A former governor, secretary of state, and presidential contender, Panem’s newest VP is a clear contender from the start for the Presidency. She also carries extreme popularity due to her association to the President. Her familiarity with the presidential election process will also help her, considering how she now knows how to run a successful campaign after she fell short the first time.

Secretary of Defense Gale Hawthorne (Liberty-D2): Vice President Oswald will not be unopposed in her primary for president should she choose to run. Secretary Hawthorne has been obvious with his ambition to run for higher office, so it’s not unfeasible for him to run for the highest office.

Secretary of State Jonathan Madison (Liberty-D4): A VP contender, secretary of two terms, and former Speaker is on this list for clear reasons. Madison was a frontrunner for VP until the upset at the convention, and it’s clear that he’d be a strong contender for VP or President next cycle.

Governor Rosalie Descoteaux (Liberty-D14): While she’s a fairly new governor, her popularity in the newest District of Panem is nearing seventy-five percent while her national popularity is around seventy-nine percent. Overall, she’s a favorite for the VP or Presidential nomination should she choose to have it.

Secretary of the Interior Rick Canth (Labor-D7): A former Senator for District 7 who came in second for a presidential election he never chose to join in the first place, it’s clear that Rick Canth has what it takes to become the first non-Liberty president. Due to his unexpected performance in the presidential election, Canth is a lock for the Labor nomination should he choose to run again.

Secretary of Intelligence Cecelia Paylor (Civic-D8): The former President isn’t the most popular candidate, but she’s probably the most experienced in presidential campaigning. This election would mark her third presidential campaign, but while many would expect her to realize her faults in campaigning and fix them, others are not so sure that Paylor will realize them in time for the campaign.

Secretary of Global Development Samuel Trenton (Civic-Capitol): It’s preposterous to think that Secretary Paylor would be unopposed in the primary of the party she founded. She’s not popular enough to cause unity of that kind. Therefore, it’s probable that an experienced Secretary, former VP candidate, and former Speaker would run for the presidential nod from the Civics.

Secretary of International Trade Tyler Thompson (Independent-D5): Secretary Thompson, who was also a very successful governor and VP, has made it clear that he would be a good candidate for president. However, his obstacle is in his decision: will he remain a independent when he runs, or will he attempt to gain the Liberty nod? Either would be a viable option, and he wouldn’t necessarily have to relinquish the independent title that he has held for so long.

Former Vice President Plutarch Heavensbee (Independent-Capitol): We understand what you’re all thinking- what is this guy doing on a potential candidate list? Well, stop for just a moment and bear with us. This former VP isn’t necessarily over and out yet. He has kept his head down for a year while he’s been out of office, and he will probably continue this action for the rest of President Everdeen’s second term. Hoping that the public will forgive and forget is his best bet, but prostitution scandals are hardly the end-all-be-all in politics. However, the Liberty Party wants zero to do with him, having expelled him after his resignation. He would either have to found his own party or run as an independent if he did choose to run for president, especially since every major party has heavily condemned him for his actions.


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