New senators appointed; new representatives selected

After the incident with People for Panem last week, the district governors of Panem have selected new senators and new representatives to take the expelled congresspeople’s places.

The only request, made by President Katniss Everdeen, was that there would be two senators for the Liberty Party, two for the Civic Party, and two for the Labor Party. She did not make a request regarding the empty holes left by PfP representatives.

Ultimately, six senators were selected, bringing the balance of the Senate to 20 Liberty-4 Labor-2 Civic. This ensures that Liberty holds the chamber with a majority of seventy-one percent. The representatives selected all were members of the Liberty Party. This brought the balance of the House to 93 Liberty-36 Labor-25 Civic-2 independents. This gives Liberty the absolute majority with barely sixty percent, or two-thirds.

But while this gives the “invincible majority” to the Liberty Party, the party itself has indicated that it has no reason to use it now. After President Everdeen’s calls for bipartisanship, the Labor, Liberty, and Civic Parties have barely split on issues. Bipartisanship seems to have hit the Capitol in a strange twist of events. However, should fights break out onto the Congress floors again, Liberty currently dominates,


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