People for Panem government of District 6 “secedes” from Panem

The People for Panem politicians of District 6 have declared that they are seceding from Panem, stating that their new President has called them to do so. This comes after Sandra Morrison, an expelled Senator, stated that she was the rightful President of Panem.

The gesture doesn’t actually do much- it just ensures that People for Panem gets out of town sooner. People for Panem didn’t even control but one districtwide office: Attorney General. Reyna Fults, the PfP Attorney General, was the PfP nominee for Vice President.

UPDATE:  President Everdeen has issued yet another announcement.

To the citizens of District 6, don’t worry. People for Panem can’t exactly administrate authority. They’ve proven that, plus they aren’t in control there. However, I will be sending federal officers to District 6 to arrest those accused of treason.

UPDATE 2: We have confirmation that Sandra Morrison has been arrested, as have those in District 6.


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