Morrison: “I’m the real President.”

Senator Sandra Morrison of District 9, a former challenger to President Katniss Everdeen in this past election, made a very strange comment today.

“There is no feasible way that President Everdeen was reelected legitimately. She says I have a vendetta against her, but the fact that I was not elected President despite all of the support I received proves that she used her power to push me out of the way. I’m the real President here.”

This quote was made at a rally in District 6, one of the two districts she carried in the last election. While Senator Morrison is known for her attacks and abnormal quotes, this is a bit of a stretch for her.

UPDATE: We have been informed that People for Panem has inaugurated Senator Morrison as President of Panem. This is a direct challenge to Katniss Everdeen, and could be charged as treason.

UPDATE 2: PFP has been informed that Senator Morrison, along with the other seven People for Panem senators, have been expelled from the Panem Senate. President Everdeen is expected to make a statement fairly soon.

UPDATE 3: President Everdeen issued her statement on today’s events.

“I tried to come to an understanding with Senator Morrison, but obviously she has decided to push for a more extreme solution. Since this is how People for Panem is operating now, I must go to lengths to ensure that corrupt officials are not in my government. As of my newest Executive Order, I have ordered that the political party People for Panem be disbanded for treasonous activity. I do not do this lightly, but I have no choice. People for Panem, since they are disbanded, have forfeited their positions in all levels of government.

Which basically means that there are no more People for Panem senators, no more PfP representatives, no more control of state legislatures, and no more lieutenant governorships.



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