The fall of a party and the rise of another

Senator Sandra Morrison campaigned furiously in District 11, hoping to carry a victory in a district that should have been staunchly for People for Panem in the election. Instead, District 11 was beginning to lean towards either Civic nominee Cecelia Paylor, or Liberty nominee Katniss Everdeen.

This alone shows that People for Panem is set to disappear soon. One also has to look at other factors: People for Panem now holds no governorships, no state legislatures, and only one lieutenant governorship- and even that particular official is set for a devastating loss in the next midterm. People for Panem also holds only six seats in the House, an incredibly low number, and holds eight Senate seats, all of which are in incredible danger in the midterms.

And most of the blame can be pinned on one person- presidential nominee Sandra Morrison, senator from District 9. Let’s face it: no one likes a sore loser, and that’s exactly what Morrison is. In the debate, she knew she was losing and began to go on the offense regardless of validity, and so lost any sort of credibility she had as a contender. Then, it only went downhill once she implied that President Everdeen was corrupt. Honestly, there’s no room for a woman like Sandra Morrison in Panem politics. While the President delivered an unorthodox victory speech, she was completely in the right whenever she openly berated Senator Morrison. It was incredibly wrong what she did.

And with the fall of People for Panem comes the rise of the Civic Party. The Civic Party, led by former President and soon-to-be Secretary of Intelligence Cecelia Paylor, has picked up where People for Panem has lost. Civic only placed third in the presidential election- not a bad result, could have been much worse as Senator Morrison proved- and also second in the VP election, also a surprise. They also gained tremendously in the House, rising up to 25 seats. It’s clear that Civic is becoming a force in Panem politics while People for Panem will entirely shut down soon.

President Everdeen also hit People for Panem pretty hard and basically sealed their inevitable doom. Just look at her second term Cabinet: no People for Panem members. Once again, you can blame the ever-so-lovely Senator Sandra Morrison for this. The President’s decision to exclude People for Panem was purely based on the Senator’s speech against President Everdeen on election night.


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