President Everdeen announces second-term Cabinet

After her historic reelection as President, Katniss Everdeen has announced her nominees for positions in her Cabinet. They are the following:

Secretary of State: Jonathan Madison, current Secretary of Defense (Liberty Party-District 4)

Secretary of Defense: Gale Hawthorne, current Governor of District 2 (Liberty Party-District 2)

Secretary of the Treasury: Harold Sercisa, incumbent Secretary (Liberty Party-District 4)

Attorney General (head of the Department of Justice): Karina Erickson, incumbent Attorney General (Liberty Party-District 13)

Secretary of Energy: Walter Singleton, incumbent secretary (Liberty Party-District 12)

Secretary of Communications: Beetee Latier, incumbent secretary (Liberty Party-Capitol)

Secretary of Transportation: Joan Kindred, representative of District 5 (Labor Party-District 5)

Secretary of Homeland Security: Haymitch Abernathy, incumbent secretary (Liberty Party-District 12)

Presidential Chief of Staff: Rose Connell, incumbent (Liberty Party-District 6)

Press Secretary: Polaris Septrix, incumbent (Independent-Capitol)

The President shockingly also announced the creation of several new Cabinet-level departments. These include:

Department of the Interior, headed by Senator Rick Canth of District 7. (Labor Party-District 7)

Department of Intelligence, headed by former President Cecelia Paylor (Civic Party-District 8)

Department of Global Development, headed by former Speaker Samuel Trenton (Civic Party-Capitol)

Department of Agriculture, headed by Representative Polly Hector (Liberty Party-District 11)

Department of International Trade, headed by outgoing Vice President Tyler Thompson (Independent-District 5)

Department of Commerce, headed by current Secretary of Transportation Cynthia Garth (Liberty Party-District 5)

This announcement will bring the number of Cabinet departments up by six departments- from ten to sixteen. It also shows the attempt at bipartisanship; while President Everdeen’s cabinet will remain mostly Liberty officials, she has put in many officials from the Labor and Civic Parties. However, one should notice the lack of any People for Panem officials. This is likely caused by the remarks made by People for Panem’s presidential nominee, Senator Sandra Morrison of District 9. Morrison openly implied that the President was corrupt and called for a review of the elections held. Regardless, the amount of Labor secretaries will be two; the amount of Civic secretaries will be two; there will also be two secretaries independent of political parties. This brings opposition secretaries to a number of six out of sixteen- nearly half of the President’s second-term Cabinet will be opposition.


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